From canyon bats to mountain lions, hummingbirds to condors, Pinnacles provides a haven for thousands of diverse animal species.

We often associate certain animals with particular habitats, but many animals need more than one type of habitat to meet all of their needs. As a result, some of the best wildlife habitat is near the edge where one type of habitat meets another. Much of Pinnacles is a mosaic of different habitats, creating abundant opportunities for diverse wildlife species to thrive.

Pinnacles is also an island of intact natural habitat in a sea of growing human development. The park and surrounding area is the only remaining home of several sensitive species, such the big-eared kangaroo rat, Gabilan slender salamander, Pinnacles shield-back katydid, and Pinnacles riffle beetle. But it also provides refuge for many common species typical of California. We may currently take these species for granted, but as natural habitats throughout California continue to diminish, these species will become much less common and widespread. Though we have lost certain vulnerable species, healthy populations of many animals appear to be strong within Pinnacles’ protected boundaries.

Close up of brownish-black salamander with yellow spots.

Find out which cold-blooded, slimy critters you may see at Pinnacles.

A mottled hummingbird sips from the blossoms a purple flower.

Pinnacles boasts birds of all shapes and sizes, from condors and falcons to woodpeckers and hummingbirds.

Overhead shot of three-spine stickleback.

The streams at Pinnacles don't last year round. Meet the few fish species that have managed to beat the odds.

Close up photo of an ambush bug waiting on a yellow flower for its insect prey to arrive.

Pinnacles is home to a variety of unique species that creep, crawl, fly, and pollinate.

A bobcat prowls on green grass.

Meet the furriest members of the wildlife community at PInnacles.

Close up of alligator lizard.

Discover many scaly species that thrive at Pinnacles.

A species of sphinx moth sips nectar while hovering above a flower.
Sensitive Species

Learn about the species at Pinnacles with special conservation status.

Last updated: May 1, 2019

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