Frogs Eat Icky Bugs

In this four-day program, students will understand the concepts of habitat, use equipment to test the water quality of streams at Pinnacles, and analyze the data collected. Students will then use the information collected to make an educated decision about the Foothill Yellow-legged frog’s proposed reintroduction into Pinnacles. This program is only available in spring!


The pre-visit consists of two in class presentations by the park’s education specialist. The first pre- visit is intended to teach students about the basic needs for all living organisms. This concept will lead students into understanding the terms food web, habitat, the life cycle of a frog and why frogs are important in the environment through a power point presentation.

The second pre-visit is intended to teach students how to use the water quality testing equipment so they will be prepared upon their visit to the park.

Park Visit

When students visit Pinnacles National Monument , they will become scientists for the day. Students will conduct an experiment on the quality of a designated water source in the park to determine if this area will qualify as a suitable habitat for the Foothill Yellow-legged frog. To test their hypothesis, students will administer the water quality equipment to test the temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and turbidity of the water and record the results.


The post-visit gives students the opportunity to use the qualitative and quantitative data they have collected to answer the big question; will the California Foothill Yellow-legged frog survive in Pinnacles if reintroduced into the park? By analyzing the results of their experiment, students will brainstorm how they can present these results in a practical manner to park scientists in aiding their reintroduction decision of the Foothill Yellow-legged frog.

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