Ranger Programs

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Ranger Talks

Visit the Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Visitor Center for some of our great Ranger Programs. All programs begin on the back porch of Visitor Center.

Ranger Talks will be given Monday thru Thursday.
General Topics
11 am - Construction of Memorial
12 pm - Ranger Choice-Check at Visitor Center day of visit
1 pm - Junior Ranger- (Also on Friday/Saturday/Sunday)
2 pm - Peace
3 pm - Ranger Choice-Check at Visitor Center day of visit
4 pm - Natural Environment
5 pm - Ranger Choice-Check at Visitor Center day of visit
(June 12 - August 17, 2023)

Five people dressed as War of 1812 sailors, blue wool jackets, red vests, white pants, with straw or black tarred hats load a large naval cannon.

Historic Weapon Demonstrations

Come learn a little about the War of 1812, Battle of Lake Erie, the men that fought, their uniforms, and what they used to fight. Meet the rangers on the Plaza of the Memorial. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM at the top of the hour. (May 26 - Sept 10, 2023)

Carronade Weekends:
On special Weekends, we bring out the big gun.
May 27-28 (Memorial Day Weekend)
June 10-11
July 15-16
August 19-20 (Perry's Birthday Weekend)
Sept. 9-10 (Historic Weekend)

Four people wearing historic clothing. Left is a British War of 1812 infantryman. Next is a person dressed in overalls and blue and white flannel shirt, Then a person wearing a reddish/brown floral print regency dress. The right most is wearing a US olive

Stories of Victory

Exciting first person telling of the Battle of Lake, War of 1812, building of the Memorial and it dedication. This program will be offered in two formats. Several times a week as drop in any time during the day and hear one or two people tell their stories and ask them your questions about their time period.
Wednesdays at 12 pm and 3 PM join all four of them to hear all of their stories.
Two park rangers, one seating other standing one one side of a table full of exhibits talk with a young visitor on the other side of the table.

Summer Long Day Camp

erry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial will develop summer long day camps providing experiential, place-based activities for youth. Centered around Lake Erie, the programs will increase knowledge around the Great Lakes and will promote Great Lakes Literacy Principles. Attendees will learn about their roles in protecting water resources and how they can be part of the solutions to the many issues facing the Great Lakes. The park plans to have a theme for each week of the summer season (themes will be repeated so don’t worry if you miss a week you’d like to attend) and that theme will be presented at least twice weekly – one weekday and one weekend day. Themes will include invasive species, marine debris, native plants, water quality, keystone species, fishing, and much more! Please check back often to see what theme we’ll be offering and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the park.

Last updated: January 18, 2023

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