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South Bass Island State Park

South Bass Island State Park has 33 acres on the west side of South Bass Island. The park sits above Lake Erie with a shoreline of exposed rocks. It is a tranquil setting established for visitors to enjoy nature and the expansive views of Lake Erie. Overnight options in the park include a campground and cabins. Swimming, picnicking, boating and fishing are available.

At the park, visit the ruins of Hotel Victory, one of the largest U.S. hotels in 1892. It boasted 625 guest rooms, banquet halls for elaborate balls, a fountain, and a 100 foot-long covered swimming pool. Although fire consumed the structure in 1919, a few remnants remain along with its rich history. Read more about Hotel Victory

Learn more by visiting the South Bass Island State Park website.

Lake Erie Islands Conservancy

The Lake Erie Islands Conservancy (LEIC) located on South Bass Island was created in 2000 by a small group of people dedicated to the protection and conservation of natural areas across the archipelago. The Lake Erie Islands provide habitat for migrating birds and homes for a host of indigenous flora and fauna. A few of the places you can visit are listed below. For a complete list and descriptions of all the preserves visit the properties on the LEIC website.

Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center

Along with being in the middle of the walleye capital of the world, the Lake Erie islands are home to hundreds of species of birds and are the only place in the country where the Lake Erie watersnake can be found. Lake Erie Islands Nature and Wildlife Center (LEINWC) aims to provide a one of a kind ecological/educational experience for South Bass Island summer visitors. Check out the events calendar for upcoming activities at LEINWC.

Lake Erie Islands Historical Society

Lake Erie Islands Historical Society preserves and educates visitors on the history of the Lake Erie Islands. Included amongst the permanent and rotating exhibits are historical items from past celebrations on the island, the wine making industry, Put-in-Bay's many Victorian hotels, and the island road races. Artifacts from Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial Museum Collection are also on display. For location, hours, events and exhibits go the the Lake Erie Islands Historical Society website

Stone Laboratory

A freshwater fieldstation since 1895 and part of Ohio State University since 1925, Stone Lab programs introduce students to the basics of field-based biological science. Additional offerings include public field trips and guided tours to visitors. Click this link for information about field trips and guided tours.

Aquatic Visitors Center

Explore the rich history of Lake Erie and experience science up close at the Aquatic Visitors Center on South Bass Island. Investigate the lake's complex ecosystem through hands-on science activities and observe live Lake Erie fish species. More information is available on the Ohio Sea Grant website.

South Bass Lighthouse

The South Bass Island Lighthouse, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, is the only university-owned lighthouse in the United States. Ohio Sea Grant staff offer tours of the building during the summer, including a chance to climb the lighthouse tower for an expansive view of South Bass Island and Catawba Point. For hours and directions click this link, South Bass Lighthouse.

a sunrise photo looking southward across the isthmus of South Bass Island in Lake Erie
Lake Erie Islands

South Bass Island is known for Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial. What is important about the other Lake Erie Islands?

Last updated: July 25, 2023

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