This is if you are just looking for the basic information for those that shaped the war and peace around Lake Erie.

John Quincy Adams-Helped negotiate Treaty of Ghent
Isaac Chauncey- US Navy Commander of Great Lakes
Henry Clay- War Hawk who helped start war and also helped negotiate Treaty of Ghent
Albert Gallatin- Secretary of Treasury and helped to negotiate Treaty of Ghent
William Henry Harrison- US General who was in command of the around Western Lake Erie.
James Lawrence- Friend of Oliver Hazard Perry
James Madison- President of the United States during the War of 1812
Oliver Hazard Perry- Master Commandant that lead the US Navy at the Battle of Lake Erie
Winfield Scott- One of the US Generals in the Niagara Theater.

American Indians
Tecumseh- Shawnee leader
Tenskwatawa- The Shawnee Prophet
Shab-eh-nay- Ally of Tecumseh

Robert Heriot Barclay- British commander during Battle of Lake Erie
Isaac Brock- British commander of Upper Canada
George Prevost- British commander of all British North American

Longer Biographies
This is if you are looking for more than the basic information.

Oliver Hazard Perry
The man who was to lead the Lake Erie Squadron to victory in the Battle of Lake Erie.
The one armed commander of the British Squadron on Lake Erie in 1813.
The American Indian leader with the help of his brother the Shawnee Prophet raised a confederation against the United States.

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