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1812 sailors demonstrating how to use boarding pikes
Reenactors demonstrating the use of boarding pikes.
Calling all Reenactors
If you would like to volunteer your knowledge and skills at the 2018 Perry's Victory's Historic Weekend, September 7-9, now is your chance. We are looking to do a timeline event to showcase the US Military (British/Canadian as well) from before the War of 1812 to modern day. Only Flintlock small arms and 18th century artillery will give firing demonstrations. We will provide powder as usual. Other time period weapons will be allowed for non-firing display. Look for more information coming out Spring of 2018. Question about the event can be directed to

To register to participate apply at by July 20, 2018. This important since Historic Weekend falls so close to the end of the fiscal year.
Three reenactors dressed as War of 1812 Infantry and Sailors at different stages of firing their muskets


Here are some of the planned activities for Historic Weekend.

Friday, September 7

  • Weapons firing demonstrations
  • Flag Retirement Ceremony

Saturday, September 8

  • Ceremony to commemorate the Battle

  • Grand Parade

  • Historic weapons firing demonstrations

  • Cooking & other trade demonstrations

  • Evening Concert
  • Harbor Illumination

Sunday, September 9

  • Weapons firing Demonstrations

  • Cooking & other trade demonstrations


Water, wood, restrooms, and straw will be provided in the camp. A hospitality tent will also be available if you need something to drink and cool off away from the public.


Five meals will be available at the Boy Scout camp (Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and Sunday breakfast).

Two pieces of naval artillery fire. Closer is smaller 6 pounder on a naval carriage. Half the picture is smoke filled.

Historic Weapons

Due to the current certification of the park’s Historic Weapons Supervisors only flintlock muskets, rifles, smooth bore non-chambered artillery and swivel guns will be allowed to fire. Other weapons such as chambered artillery or other special weapons may be brought for display purposes only. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Blank musket rounds will be provided by the NPS. For your artillery rounds bring your prepared foil (or former ready to roll) and we will schedule a time to fill your rounds together either Friday night or early Saturday Morning. You are allowed to bring your own quills for priming. All weapons to be demonstrated will need to pass an NPS inspection as in previous years. This will require muskets to have both flash guards and hammer stalls. For more information on Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial's visit our Historic Weapons Policy Page. Again if you have any questions feel free contact Rob Whitman at e-mail us .

Two young reenactors saluting flags as they are being raised. One dressed as civilian with brown vest and black felt round hat. The other as a sailor with a red vest.

Important Registration Information:
You MUST register though Rob will then contact you to get you on the ferry list, and find out what space you require to set up camp and other arrangements.

Reimbursement for travel:

Do not pay the ferry and get a receipt!

We will not be able to reimburse you.

Last updated: March 16, 2018

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