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Looking forward to visiting us, but want to finalize your plans? Can't make it to Pecos National Historical Park due to the weather? Just curious about the cultural and historical sites we have?

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See Pecos National Historical Park in the early parts of the day as the morning light makes everything glow.

The teal and white boot of a pueblo traditional dance on the reddish ground.
Traditional Dancers honor the connection between the Pueblo of Jemez and their Pecos ancestors.

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Podcast: Hollowed to Hallowed Ground: The 1999 Pecos Repatriation

In 1999, almost 2,000 ancestors and nearly 1,000 objects were repatriated to the Pueblo of Jemez, largely from northeastern museums, resulting in one of the largest repatriations to occur under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. When the Pueblo of Jemez reclaimed their ancestors and objects, they reburied them near their original resting in place what is now Pecos National Historical Park. This is the story of those ancestors’ journey. It is a story of loss, cooperation, and hope.

To listen to the podcast, please visit: Pecos Podcast (U.S. National Park Service) (

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