tall green cactus with spines and bright red flowers
Check out Ken and Susan's website for detailed results of the 2017 blooming study

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In 2017 Dr. Ken and Susan Bower (Naturalists) under the direction of Dr. Kristen L. Whitbeck (Park Ecologist), began a project to determine which plants were growing along the Ancestral Sites Trail and record their blooming cycles.

Plants were noted each week throughout the blooming season from mid-March until the end of October. A detailed record of each plant was maintained denoting the common and scientific name of each plant; whether or not it is native to the U.S.; photos of the plant, flowers and fruit or seeds (if applicable); the location of the plant; its distribution; a description of the plant; any ethnobotanical uses; and a table of internet resources for finding more information each the plant.

A total of 105 different plants were identified when they flowered. Four more plants were identified, but did not or were not allowed to bloom for a total of 109.

Ken and Susan now maintain a detailed website complete with maps, images, and ethnobotanical uses of all the plants they documened during their study at the park.

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