Junior Ranger

wooden badge and patch held in park rangers hands
Pecos Junior Ranger Badge and Patch

NPS/Stand Ford

Become a Junior Ranger

You don't have to visit Pecos National Historical Park to be a Junior Ranger. Anyone can become a Junior Ranger by printing a copy of the Junior Ranger Booklet, completing the activities and mailing the book to the park. Remember to print on both sides of the page or reuse old paper whenever possible.

The fun activities in the Junior Ranger book will help kids (and adults) learn about what makes Pecos National Historical Park so special. If you do enough activities, you will be able to earn a junior ranger badge and even a patch.

**Printing tip: For activity 6, the Trade Fair, the maze spans two pages. To complete the maze, we recommend you tape the page together to help keep everthing aligned.

Mailing Address:
Pecos National Historical Park
Attn: Junior Ranger
P.O Box 418
Pecos, NM 87552

Last updated: August 2, 2018

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Mailing Address:

Pecos National Historical Park
P.O. Box 418

Pecos, NM 87552


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