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Expansion of the National Park Service in the 1930s:
Administrative History

Table of Contents
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Chapter One - "They have grown up like Topsy": Administration of American Parks Before 1933

A. National Parks and Monuments Under the Department of the Interior, 1872-1916
B. National Park Service Administration, 1916-1933
C. Department of Agriculture Monuments, 1906-1933
D. Military Park System to 1933
E. National Capital Parks

Chapter Two - Reorganization of Park Administration

A. The National Park Service and the U.S. Forest Service
B. Early Efforts to Transfer War Department Parks
C. Reorganization of 1933
D. Additional Areas, 1934-1939

Chapter Three - Impact of the New Deal on the National Park Service

A. Emergency Conservation Work -- Civilian Conservation Corps
B. Federal Emergency Relief Administration
C. Civil Works Administration
D. Public Works Administration
E. Works Progress Administration
F. Emergency Relief Act Projects: 1937-1941

Chapter Four - New Initiatives in the Field of Recreation and Recreational Area Development

A. Background to National Park Service Involvement in Recreational Policy Issues
B. The National Park Service Enters Recreational Planning and Development Field
C. National Park Service Participation on the National Resources Board
D. The Park, Parkway, and Recreational-Area Study Act of 1936
E. Implementation of Park, Parkway, and Recreational-Area Study
F. National Park Service Activities Relating to Park, Parkway, and Recreational-Area Study, 1936-1941
G. Postscript to the Park, Parkway, and Recreational-Area Study
H. Initiation of Four New Types of Recreation Areas in National Park System
I. Recreational Demonstration Areas
J. National Parkways
K. National Recreation Areas (Reservoir-Related Areas)
L. National Seashores

Chapter Five - New Initiatives in the Fields of History, Historic Preservation and Historial Park Development and Interpretation

A. Background to Involvement of National Park Service in New Initiatives in Historical Field
B. Creation and Activities of History Division
C. Historical Program at Colonial National Monument
D. Morristown National Historical Park
E. Impact of New Deal Programs and Reorganization of 1933 on National Park Service Historical Program Development
F. Historic American Buildings Survey
G. Movement Towards Passage of Legislation for National Program of Historic Preservation
H. Legislative History of Historic Sites Act and National Park Trust Fund Board Act
I. Significance of the Historic Sites Act and the National Park Trust Fund Board Act
J. Establishment of Branch of Historic Sites and Buildings
K. Adoption of Code of Procedure for Implementation of Historic Sites Act
L. Appointment and Early Activities of the Advisory Board
M. Historic Sites Survey: 1935-1941
N. New Historical and Archeological Areas Added to National Park System: 1933-1941
O. Historical and Archeological Research: 1935-1941
P. Development of Restoration and Preservation Policies: 1935-1941
Q. Classification and Objectives of Historical and Archeological Areas in National Park System: 1935-1941
R. Impact of History on Master Plans: 1935-1941
S. Interpretation: 1935-1941
T. Publications: 1935-1941
U Historic Preservation in the National Park Service During the 1930s

Chapter Six - The National Park Service, 1933-1939

A. Growth of the National Park Service
B. Reorganization - The Washington Office
C. Regionalization
D. Retrospect






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