Watering the Land:
The Turbulent History of the Carlsbad Irrigation District
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Cover: Looking downstream at main irrigation canal from headgates of Avalon Dam, August 5, 191.—National Archives, Washington, D.C.



ONE Pat Garrett and C.B. Eddy Promote Pecos River Irrigation

TWO An Amazing Piece of Work — Construction of the Reclamation System

THREE The System Expands — The Construction of McMillan Dam

FOUR The Reorganized Company — Brief Optimism and the Final Collapse

FIVE The United States Reclamation Service Arrives in Carlsbad

SIX A Permanent Presence — The Reclamation Service Takes Over

SEVEN Uncertainty and Evolution — The Reclamation Service's First Years

EIGHT Homes For All Who Come — Promoting the Carlsbad Project

NINE The 1930s — Modernization and Expansion

TEN Brantley Dam — A New Look for the Project


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