Padre Island
Administrative History
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Executive Summary

Chapter One: Introduction

Location and Setting
Facilities and Infrastructure
Scenic and Recreational Opportunities
Interpretive Activities
National Park Service Administration
Popular Images of Padre Island

Chapter Two: Early History and Use of Padre Island

Historical Accounts of Padre Island
Native American Inhabitants
European Exploration and Settlement
American Contact and Settlement
Patrick Dunn's Ranching Empire

Chapter Three: Public Park or Private Seashore: The Padre Island Dilemma

Texas State Parks Board and Padre Island
Private Development on Padre Island
National Park Service Recognizes Padre Island
Texas Parks and Politics
National Park Service Continues Investigation of Padre Island
Private Development Affecting Park Proposals
National Park Service Initiative Develops, 1950-1959

Chapter Four: Legislative History

Legislative Efforts Begin: 1958
Region III Evaluation and Leadership: 1958-59
First Subcommittee Hearings: 1959
Kennedy-Johnson Era Begins: 1960
Second Subcommittee Hearings: 1961-62
The National Park Service Re-evaluates: 1962
State and Federal Differences: 1962
Senate Hearing and Passage of S.4: 1962

Chapter Five: Padre Island Becomes a National Seashore, 1963-1970

Park Establishment
Development of Park Headquarters
Park Planning and Public Relations
Malaquite Beach Facilities

Chapter Six: Management and Planning Issues, 1970-1980

Malaquite Beach Pavilion and Facilities
Grazing Permits
Master Plan Development
Spoil Islands Cabins and Chappell Cabin
New Headquarters Building
Negotiations with Concessionaire
Visitation and Law Enforcement
Implementation of Master Plan
New Issues in the Management of Padre Island

Chapter Seven: Management and Planning Issues, 1980-1993

Hurricane Allen
General Management Plan/Development Concept Plan
Land Protection Plan
Malaquite Beach Pavilion
Law Enforcement Issues
Hazardous Substances and Waste
Palo Alto National Battlefield Development

Chapter Eight: Natural Resource Issues

Natural Resources of Padre Island National Seashore
Aquatic and Waterfowl Resources Management Plan, 1969-1979
Dune Migration and Stabilization Studies
Island Ecosystems
Marine Debris Survey
Laguna Madre Environment
Colonial Waterbird Survey
White Pelicans
Vegetation Research/Restoration Projects
Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle Project
Inshore Sea Turtle Research
Peregrine Falcon
Oil and Gas Exploration and Development

Chapter Nine: Cultural Resource Issues

Surface Archeological Investigations
Underwater Archeological Investigations
Novillo Line Camp

Chapter Ten: Interpretation and Collections Management

History of Management
1975 Interpretive Prospectus
1989 Interpretive Prospectus
Environmental Education Program
Collections Management

Chapter Eleven: Special Events and Public Relations

Public Relations and Special Events, 1962-1970
Dedication of Padre Island National Seashore, April 8, 1968
Public Relations and Special Events, 1970-1990

Chapter Twelve: A National Seashore for the Future: Managing the Internal and External Threats

Internal Threat: Inadequate Budget
Internal Threat: Bird Island Basin Use Conflicts
Internal Threat: Visitor Degradation
External Threat: Adjacent Land Use
External Threat: Causeway Construction
External Threat: Hazardous Containers
External Threat: Law Enforcement Issues
External Threat: Resource Degradation
External Threat: Mansfield Channel
Park Strategies for Management of Threats


Index (omitted from the online edition)


Appendix A: Legislation

Public Law 87-712
Public Law 90-594
Public Law 91-42

Appendix B: Personnel

Biographies of Padre Island National Seashore Superintendents
Partial List of Padre Island National Seashore Employees

Appendix C: Visitation Statistics

Addendum: Events since 1994

Figure 1. Map of Padre Island National Seashore
Figure 2. Windsurfing at Bird Island Basin
Figure 3. Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico
Figure 4. Ranger Program
Figure 5. Map of Cultural Resources
Figure 6. The Wreckage of the S.S. Nicaragua on Padre Island
Figure 7. Automobile Visitors on Padre Island, 1913
Figure 8. An Early Automobile Being Loaded on a Ferry, 1913
Figure 9. Entrance to Padre Island Causeway, ca. 1940
Figure 10. National Park Service Visitors to Padre Island, 1937
Figure 11. J.F.K. Causeway, ca. 1950
Figure 12. Senator Ralph Yarborough, 1960
Figure 13. Park Visitors along Malaquite Beach
Figure 14. President John F. Kennedy Signing PAIS Legislation
Figure 15. First Superintendent William Bowen and Second Superintendent Ernest Borgman In Front of New Padre Island National Seashore Headquarters, 1960s
Figure 16. Map of Land Acquisition
Figure 17. Caffey Barracks Adapted as Ranger Station
Figure 18. Malaquite Beach Facilities
Figure 19. Aerial View of Malaquite Beach Pavilion and Facilities
Figure 20. Map of PAIS
Figure 21. Typical Spoil Island Cabins
Figure 22. Debris from Hurricane Allen, 1980
Figure 23. Visitor Center
Figure 24. Aerial View of Padre Island, 1937
Figure 25. Measuring Birds
Figure 26. Collecting Marine Debris
Figure 27. Imprinting Young Turtles
Figure 28. Nesting Sea Turtle
Figure 29. Patrick Dunn's Novillo Line Camp
Figure 30. Ranger Program
Figure 31. Bird Island Basin Visitors Use

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