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Administrative History
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In 1988 Nancy Burford of the Texas A&M University Department of History initiated the administrative history for Padre Island National Seashore. She researched and drafted several chapters before discontinuing her effort. This work is incorporated in the current document most directly in the chapter on the park's legislative history.

Many people assisted in the research and final preparation of this work and deserve thanks. The park personnel at Padre Island National Seashore are the first to be thanked. Former Superintendent Butch Farabee deserves credit for reviving interest in the administrative history, John Lujan for overseeing my work and serving as a contact, Kristey Bosworth for orientation and assistance with the collections, Anita McDaniel and Tommy McDaniel for giving interviews and handling extensive paperwork, and many others for their cooperation and assistance when requested. A special thanks goes to Robert Whistler, former Chief Naturalist at Padre Island, for reviewing the draft manuscripts and providing additional information when needed. Without his long years of collecting information on the park and securing the collections, this writing would not be possible. John Miller also provided extensive comments on the park's natural resources and gave additional insight into this important aspect of its history. At the Southwest Regional Office, I thank Neil Mangum for helping to locate needed documents and reviewing drafts.

Another special thanks goes to Senator Ralph Yarborough of Austin, Texas. The Senator and his assistant, Deanna DiCuffa, answered many questions and unselfishly gave of their time for the project. Senator Yarborough was one of Padre Island's most fervent supporters who fought up to his recent death to protect the integrity of the National Seashore. He was forever dedicated to the conservation of the island's resources and receives far too little credit for his accomplishments in that regard.

Finally, I appreciate the assistance of David and Judy Moore, Terri Meyers, Anne Malanka and Gretchen Bostedt of Hardy-Heck-Moore. Without their support and help in finalizing the manuscript, this would not have been possible.

Dwayne Jones
Austin, Texas
February 1998

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