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General Books and Publications

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National Park Service Publications and Studies

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Superintendent's Annual Report. 1965-1976, 1978-1979, 1985, 1987-1992. Annual reports for 1977, 1980 through 1984, and 1986 are not available in Federal or park archives.

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The majority of primary sources are located in the collections and archives of Padre Island National Seashore now based at the headquarters building in Flour Bluff, Texas. Many of the early park documents are catalogued and easily accessible. Other material on the park, especially the 1980s and 1990s, is found in the library of the Gulf Ranger Station. These materials are filed by topic and mostly indexed on the front of the file box. References to box numbers in the study refer to those in this library. There are also general studies that relate to the National Seashore or academic studies involving Padre Island.

Most of the National Park Service documents were found at the National Archives and Records Center in Lakewood, Colorado. The Archives stores some of the documents relating to Padre Island, as well as other national parks from the Southwest Regional Office or Region III. The Fort Worth Archives Division has no records of Padre Island and the Records Division have only a few documents. The National Park Service is now retaining copies of the annual reports at the Harpers Ferry Center with microfilmed copies available at the Denver Service Center.

Government Documents

Congressional Record. Washington, D.C., 1958 - 1962


Mabrey, Les. "Padre Island National Seashore." The Texas Architect. October 1970.

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Butch Farabee, Superintendent, PAIS, October 1993.
Anita McDaniel, October 1993
Thomas McDaniel, October 1993
James W. Steely, August 1993
Robert Whistler, October 1993
Senator Ralph W. Yarborough, December 10 and 21, 1993

Several of the former superintendents are no longer in contact with the National Park Service and thus unable to be interviewed. Some of the earliest superintendents are now believed to be deceased. Fortunately, many of the National Seashore's longtime employees provided interviews or brief responses to questions allowing elaboration on the written documentation regarding the park.

Miscellaneous Sources

Copies of legislative hearings, pre-park studies, and some correspondence are found here. One of the most useful pieces for the pre-park years was a loosely bound set of copies of correspondence regarding Padre Island. This material provided excellent coverage for the years leading up to the 1962 legislation. The collection also contains some photographs and negatives.

Scrapbooks and personal material from supporters of Padre Island are catalogued in the collection. Several scrapbooks from the earliest years of the park were maintained by the staff and give personal insights to the beginnings of the park. The one compiled on the park's dedication day is especially worthy of attention.

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