Lake Crescent Lodge
Historic Structures Report
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I. Background Information

Administrative Data
Geographic Setting
Natural Setting

II. History

Historical Context
Social History
Physical Development
Statement of Significance
Bibliography-History Section

III. Description of Existing Site and Building Features

Lake Crescent Lodge
   Structural System
   Building Exterior
   Mechanical Systems
   Electrical Systems
   Room By Room Descriptions and Floor Plans
   Door Schedule
   Window Schedule
   Molding Types
Visitor Cabins Numbers 668-674
   Toilets, Showers and Lavatories
   Electrical Systems
   Heating Systems
   Floor Plans and Elevations

IV. Target Objectives for Building Development

Visitor Accommodations
Employee Housing
Food and Support Service Within Lodge
Support Facilities
Recreational Development Plan

V. Recommended Approach

Site Improvements
Buildings to be Demolished
Buildings to be Rehabilitated
Building Furnishings

VI. Appendices

A) A Chronology of Singer's Lake Crescent Tavern Property Ownership Transactions

B) Building Improvements on Singer's Lake Crescent Tavern Property

C) Construction Dates of Buildings on Singer's Lake Crescent Tavern Property

D) Major Resource Locations for Historic Photographs of Singer's Lake Crescent Tavern

E) Historic Preservation Survey of Lake Crescent Lodge Cabins (Bldgs. 668-674), Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park, Washington. Alfred A. Staehli, A.I.A., and Hank Florence for NPS, PNRO: February 1984

F) Scope of Services: Renovation of Lake Crescent Lodge and Adjacent Cabins, Olympic National Park. NPS: 1984

G) Georgia Tech Building Data Capsule: Pacific Northwest Region, Olympic National Park, Lake Crescent Lodge. Georgia Tech for NPS: 1983

H) Standard Distribution for Cultural Resources Division: Pacific Northwest Region. NPS: 1984

I) Bibliography-Building Section

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