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Chapter 1
Early Resorts

Chapter 2
Railroad Resorts

Chapter 3
Religious Resorts

Chapter 4
The Boardwalk

Chapter 5
Roads and Roadside Attractions

Chapter 6
Resort Development in the Twentieth Century

Appendix A
Existing Documentation


An Historic Theme Study of the
New Jersey Heritage Trail Route
National Park Service Arrowhead

Existing Documentation

More comprehensive information about the buildings and localities discussed in the text may be available from the National Park Service or the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office. If the site has been documented by the Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record (HABS/HAER), it is available from that collection in the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Divis ion, Washington, D.C. Nomination forms for designated National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) and sites listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NR) are available from the state. Sites are organized by county; a "HABS/HAER" number and "NR" or "NHL" indicate the availablity of that data.

Atlantic County

Absecon Lighthouse, HABS No. NJ-734, NR, Atlantic City
All-War Memorial, HABS No. NJ-1128, Atlantic City
Atlantic City Boardwalk, HABS No. NJ-1161, Atlantic City
Atlantic City Convention Hall, HABS No. NJ-1130, NHL, Atlantic City
Blenheim Hotel, HABS No. NJ-864, Atlantic City
Brigantine Inn, HABS No. NJ-1171, Brigantine
Chalfonte Hotel, HABS No. NJ-869, Atlantic City
Clark, Adrial, House, HABS No. NJ-645, Port Republic
Claridge Hotel (Claridge Casino Hotel), HABS No. NJ-1170, Atlantic City
City Hall, HABS No. NJ-815, Atlantic City
Church of the Ascension, HABS No. NJ-1129, Atlantic City
Daniel Doughty House, HABS No. NJ-1125, Absecon
Dennis Hotel, HABS No. NJ-862, Atlantic City
Fire Station No. 4, HABS No. NJ-1168, Atlantic City
Franklin Inn & Store, HABS No. NJ-663, Port Republic
Hoffman House, The, HABS No. NJ-925, Atlantic City
Johnson, Joseph, House, HABS No. NJ-728, Port Republic
Jonathan Pitney House, HABS No. NJ-1126, Absecon
Leeds, Japhet, House, HABS No. NJ-399, Leeds Point
Lucy the Margate Elephant, HABS No. NJ-8 16, NHL, Margate City
Marlborough Hotel, HABS No. NJ-863, Atlantic City
Marlborough, Blenheim and Dennis Hotels (aerial views), HABS No. NJ-976, Atlantic City
Mays Landing Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-S 16, NR, Mays Landing
Methodist Meetinghouse, HABS No. NJ-662, Absecon
Seaside Hotel, HABS No. NJ-938, Atlantic City
Shelburne Hotel, HABS No. NJ-929, NR, Atlantic City
Smith Homestead, HABS No. NJ-280, Smithville
Smithville Inn, HABS No. NJ-1172, Smithville
Somers Mansion, HABS No. NJ-281, NR, Somers Point
Steel Pier, HABS No. NJ-64, Atlantic City
Studebaker Dealership, HABS No. NJ-1131, Pleasantville
Sun Gallery Bridge, HABS No. NJ-975, Atlantic City
Town of Absecon, HABS No. NJ-1038
Town of Atlantic City, HABS No. NJ-1033
Town of Brigantine, HABS No. NJ-1032
Town of Leeds Point, HABS No. NJ-1037
Town of Linwood (Town of Leedsville), HABS No. NJ-1039
Town of Longport, HABS No. NJ-1034
Town of Margate City, HABS No. NJ-1064
Town of Northfield (Town of Bakersville), HABS No. NJ-1041
Town of Pleasantville, HABS No. NJ-1040
Town of Port Republic (Town of Wrangleboro), HABS No. NJ-1036
Town of Somers Point, HABS No. NJ-1042
Wells Fargo Guard Services Building, HABS No. NJ-1127, Atlantic City
7223-27 Ventnor Avenue (Commercial), HABS No. NJ-1169, Ventnor City
Ventnor Twin Theater, HABS No. NJ-1124, Ventnor City

Burlington County

St. Pauls United Methodist Church, HABS No. NJ-1132,
New Gretna Towns of New Gretna and Bass River, HABS No. NJ-103 1

Cape May County

Atlantic Terrace House, HABS No. NJ-846, NR, Cape May
Avalon Life Saving Station, HABS No. NJ-1109, Avalon
Bailey, Julius A., House, HABS No. NJ-598, NR, Cape May
Beach Avenue (901-31) Houses, HABS No. NJ-412, NR, Cape May
Beach Avenue (937) House, HABS No. NJ-417, NR, Cape May
Beach Avenue (1001) House, HABS No. NJ-462, NR, Cape May
Boyd, George W. House, HABS No. NJ-847, NR, Cape May
Broadway (10) House, HABS No. NJ-573, NR, Cape May
Broadway (12) House, HABS No. NJ-575, NR, Cape May
Cape Island Baptist Church, Franklin St., HABS No. NJ-848, Cape May
Cape Island Baptist Church, Columbia Ave., HABS No. NJ-593, NR, Cape May
Cape Island Marina, HABS No. NJ-570, NR, Cape May
Cape Island Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-742, NR, Cape May
Cape May Buildings, HABS No. NJ-919, NR, Cape May
Cape May Firehouse, HABS No. NJ-621, NR, Cape May
Cape May Point Lighthouse, HABS No. NJ-912, NR, Cape May Point
Caribbean Motel, HABS No. NJ-1186, Wildwood Crest
Carroll Villa, HABS No. NJ-849, NR, Cape May
Chalfonte Hotel, HABS No. NJ-743, NR, Cape May
Chalfonte Hotel, Cottages, HABS No. NJ-743-A, NR, Cape May
Christopher Ludlam House, HABS No. NJ-1206, South Dennis Vicinity
Coast Guard Station, HABS No. NJ-450, Cape May
Coast Guard Station, HABS No. NJ-1183, Wildwood
Cold Springs Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-270, NR, Cold Springs
Colonial Hotel, HABS No. NJ-850, NR, Cape May
Congress Hall, HABS No. NJ-744, NR, Cape May
Congress Street (208) House, HABS No. NJ-581, NR, Cape May
Congress Street (210) House, HABS No. NJ-586, NR, Cape May
Decatur Street (132) House, HABS No. NJ-590, NR, Cape May
Denizot House, HABS No. NJ-577, NR, Cape May
Ebb Tide Motel, HABS No. NJ-1185, Wildwood
El Ray Motel, HABS No. NJ-1189, Wildwood
Evans, Joseph R., Cottage, HABS No. NJ-893, NR, Cape May
Evening Star Villa, HABS No. NJ-578, NR, Cape May
Ferguson, Charles, House, HABS No. NJ-587, NR, Cape May
First United Methodist Church, HABS No. NJ-1110, Cape May Court House
Flanders Hotel, HABS No. NJ-1116, Ocean City
Fryer's Cottage, HABS No. NJ-860, NR, Cape May
Gallagher, Christopher, House, HABS No. NJ-905, NR, Cape May
Hall, Joseph, Cottage, HABS No. NJ-894, NR, Cape May
Herzberg Family Cottage, HABS No. NJ-895, NR, Cape May
Hildreth, George, House, HABS No. NJ-8 5 1, NR, Cape May
Hughes Street (511) House, HABS No. NJ-594, NR, Cape May
Hughes Street (605) Store & Residence, HABS No. NJ-550, NR, Cape May
Hunt, Dr. Henry F., House, HABS No. NJ-898, NR, Cape May
Huntington House, HABS No. NJ-573, NR, Cape May
Jackson's Clubhouse, HABS No. NJ-748, NR, Cape May
John Holmes House (Cape May County Historical Museum), HABS No. NJ-1113, Cape May Courthouse
Johnson, Eldridge, House, HABS No. NJ-853, NR, Cape May
Joseph Falkenburg House (Addendum), HABS No. NJ-756, South Dennis
Kearny Avenue (817) House, HABS No. NJ-394, NR, Cape May
Kearny Avenue (815) House, HABS No. NJ-407, NR, Cape May
Knight, Edward C., Cottage, HABS No. NJ-892, NR, Cape May
Knoll's Resort Motel, HABS No. NJ-1184, Wildwood
Lafayette Hotel, HABS No. NJ-745, NR, Cape May
Lewis, Joseph, House, HABS No. NJ-854, NR, Cape May
Ludlam, S.R. House, HABS No. NJ-386, NR, Cape May
Macomber Hotel, HABS No. NJ-852, NR, Cape May
Madison Street (200), HABS No. NJ-909, NR, Cape May
McConnell, John, House, HABS No. NJ-857, NR, Cape May
McCreary, John B., House, HABS No. NJ-855, NR, Cape May
McCreary, Kate, House, HABS No. NJ-S 10, NR, Cape May
Morning Star Villa, HABS No. NJ-538, NR, Cape May
Neafie-Levy House, HABS No. NJ-896, NR, Cape May
New Asbury Methodist Meeting House, HABS No. NJ-1111, Cape May Court House
New Jersey Avenue (1120) House, HABS No. NJ-908, NR, Cape May
New Jersey Trust and Safe Deposit Company, HABS No. NJ-856, NR, Cape May
Ocean Street (102) House, HABS No. NJ-S 88, NR, Cape May
Ocean Street (107) House, HABS No. NJ-567, NR, Cape May
Old Courthouse Building, HABS No. NJ-1112, Cape May Court House
Physick, Emlen, House, HABS No. NJ-746, NR, Cape May
Pumping Station, HABS No. NJ-910, NR, Cape May
St. John's Church, HABS No. NJ-858, NR, Cape May
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, HABS No. NJ-933, NR, Cape May
St. Peter's by the Sea Episcopal Church, HABS No. NJ-1114, Cape May Point
Schellinger, Jeremiah, House, HABS No. NJ-747, NR, Cape May
Seaside House, HABS No. NJ-572, NR, Cape May
Sewell House, HABS No. NJ-932, NR, Cape May
Shoreham Hotel (St. Mary's by the Sea), HABS No. NJ-1115, Cape May Point
South Seaville Methodist Camp Meeting Grounds, HABS No. NJ-1049, South Seaville
South Seaville Methodist Camp Meeting Grounds, Auditorium, HABS No. NJ-1049-A, South Seaville
South Seaville Methodist Camp Meeting Grounds, Cottage No. 60, HABS No. NJ-1049-B, South Seaville
South Seaville Methodist Camp Meeting Grounds, Cottage No. 87, HABS No. NJ-1049-C, South Seaville
State Route 50 Bascule Bridge, HABS No. NJ-89, Tuckahoe Vicinity
Stites, Benjamin, House, HABS No. NJ-750, NR, Cape May
Stockton College, HABS No. NJ-859, NR, Cape May
Stockton Manor, HABS No. NJ-599, NR, Cape May
Thomas Ludham House, HABS No. NJ-1205, South Dennis Vicinity
Town of Avalon, HABS No. NJ-1045
Town of Beesley's Point, HABS No. NJ-1048
Town of Cape May City, HABS No. NJ-1053
Town of Cape May Court House, HABS No. NJ-1052
Town of Cape May Point (Town of Sea Grove), HABS No. NJ-1054
Town of Ocean City, HABS No. NJ-103 5
Town of Sea Isle City, HABS No. NJ-1044
Town of Stone Harbor, HABS No. NJ-1046
Town of Strathmere, HABS No. NJ-1043
Towns of Swainton & Clermont, HABS No. NJ-1050
Town of Wildwood, HABS No. NJ-1047
Townsend, William S. House, HABS No. NJ-753, NR, Cape May
Townsend, William S. House, HABS No. NJ-753-A, NR, Cape May
Trinity Union School, HABS No. NJ-1181, South Dennis
Wales, Thomas Roger, House, HABS No. NJ-926, NR, Cape May
Ware, J. Stratton, House, HABS No. NJ-897, NR, Cape May
Ware, Lambert, Drug Store, HABS No. NJ-566, NR, Cape May
Way, Judge, House, HABS No. NJ-465, NR, Cape May
Weightman, William Jr., House, HABS No. NJ-549, NR, Cape May
Windsor Hotel, HABS No. NJ-749, NR, Cape May

Monmouth County

Allen Homestead, HABS No. NJ-228, NR, Shrewsbury
Asbury Park Casino, HABS No. NJ-1176, Asbury Park
Asbury Park Casino, Carousel, HABS No. NJ-1176-A, Asbury Park
Asbury Park Convention Hall, HABS No. NJ-1175, NR, Asbury Park
Atlantic Avenue (6) Hotel, HABS No. NJ-1088, Ocean Grove
Bayshore Communities, HABS No. NJ-1001, Keansburg Vicinity
Beach Road (13) House, HABS No. NJ-1087, Monmouth Beach
Belmar Boardwalk, Men's Bathroom, HABS No. NJ-1080-A, Belmar
Belmar Boardwalk, Ladies' Bathroom, HABS No. NJ-1080-B, Belmar
Belmar Fishing Club, HABS No. NJ-1079, Belmar
Berkeley-Carteret Hotel, HABS No. NJ-1174, Asbury Park
Burrowes Mansion (Addendum), HABS No. NJ-198, NR, Matawan
Christ Episcopal Church, HABS No. NJ-325, NR, Shrewsbury
Church of the Presidents (Long Branch Historical Museum), HABS No. NJ-1083, NR, Long Branch
Congregation Brothers of Israel Synagogue, HABS No. NJ-924, Long Branch
Essex and Sussex Hotel, HABS No. NJ-1199, Spring Lake
First Presbyterian Church, HABS No. NJ-1179, Matawan
Fort Monmouth, HABS No. NJ-41, Asbury Park
Fortune, T. Thomas, House, HABS No. NJ-877, NR, NHL, Red Bank
Friends Meetinghouse, HABS No. NJ-568, Shrewsbury
Grand Avenue (705) Commercial Building, HABS No. NJ-1077, Asbury Park
Grant, Ulysses S., Cottage, HABS No. NJ-884, Long Branch
Ice House, HABS No. NJ-1086, Monmouth Beach
Island Beach State Park, HABS No. NJ-1071, Seaside Park Vicinity
Keansburg Amusement Park, HABS No. NJ-1177, Keansburg
Life Saving Station, Original, HABS No. NJ-42, Highlands
Main Street (226) House, HABS No. NJ-1084, Matawan
Matawan Passenger Railroad Station, HABS No. NJ-873, NR, Matawan
Molly Pitcher Inn, HABS No. NJ-1091, Red Bank
Monmouth Beach Bathing Pavilion, HABS No. NJ-1180, Monmouth Beach
Murray Guggenheim House, HABS No. NJ-1178, NR, Long Branch
Normandy Inn, HABS No. NJ-1085, Monmouth Beach
Ocean Avenue (709) House, HABS No. NJ-1081, Bradley Beach
Ocean Boulevard (198) House, HABS No. NJ-1173, Atlantic Highlands
Ocean Boulevard (248) House, HABS No. NJ-1082, Deal
Palace Amusements, HABS No. NJ-1075, Asbury Park
Reservation Building No. 2, HABS No. NJ-883-A, Long Branch
Reservation Building No. 5, HABS No. NJ-883-B, Long Branch
Reservation, The (Site Map), HABS No. NJ-883, Long Branch
Sandy Hook at Gateway National Recreation Area, HABS No. NJ-999, Highlands Vicinity
Sandy Hook Lighthouse, HABS No. NJ-326, NR, NHL, Highlands Vicinity
Shadow Lawn (Monmouth College), HABS No. NJ-1188, NHL, Long Branch
Spring Lake Bathing Pavilion-North, HABS No. NJ-1092, Spring Lake
Spring Lake Bathing Pavilion-South, HABS No. NJ-1093, Spring Lake
Steinbach Department Store, HABS No. NJ-1076, NR, Asbury Park
Towns of Allenhurst and Loch Arbour, HABS No. NJ-1005, Allenhurst
Town of Asbury Park, HABS No. NJ-1006
Town of Avon-by-the-Sea, HABS No. NJ-1069
Towns of Belmar and South Belmar, HABS No. NJ-1009
Town of Bradley Beach, HABS No. NJ-1008
Town of Deal, HABS No. NJ-1004
Town of Long Branch, HABS No. NJ-1003
Town of Ocean Grove, HABS No. NJ-1007, NR
Town of Ocean Grove, Centennial Cottage, HABS No. NJ-1007-B
Town of Ocean Grove, Great Auditorium, HABS No. NJ-1007-A
Town of Red Bank, HABS No. NJ-1002
Town of Sea Bright (Town of Nauvoo), HABS No. NJ-1000
Towns of Sea Girt, Manasquan, and Brielle, HABS No. NJ-lOll
Town of Spring Lake, HABS No. NJ-1010
White Crystal Diner, HABS No. NJ-1078, Atlantic Highlands

Ocean County

Admiral Farragut Academy, HABS No. NJ-1160, Pine Beach
American Telephone and Telegraph Building, HABS No. NJ-1134, Ocean Gate
Arbutus Lodge (House), HABS No. NJ-1201, Island Heights
Baptist Church (Stafford Township Historical Society), HABS No. NJ-1148, NR, Manahawkin
Barnegat Lifesaving Station, HABS No. NJ-1094, Barnegat
Barnegat Lighthouse, HABS No. NJ-43, NR, Barnegat Light
Barnegat Peninsula Communities, HABS No. NJ-1013, Seaside Heights Vicinity
Bayville Town Hall, HABS No. NJ-1100, Bayville
Birdville, HABS No. NJ-1140, South Toms River
Brick Plaza, HABS No. NJ-1107, Brick Vicinity
Brick Township Region, HABS No. NJ-1015, Cedarwood Park Vicinity
Cedar Bridge Tavern, HABS No. NJ-41, Cedar Bridge
Cranberry Sorting House, HABS No. NJ-1121, Waretown
Dentzel/Looff Carousel, HABS No. NJ-1141, Seaside Heights
Double Trouble State Park, HABS No. NJ-1021, NR, Beachwood Vicinity
Dugan House, HABS No. NJ-1122, Waretown
East Bay Avenue (595) House, HABS No. NJ-1097, Barnegat
Elmer Cottage, HABS No. NJ-1099, Bay Head
First National Bank of Barnegat, HABS No. NJ-1095, Barnegat
Forked River Game Farm (Woodmansee Estate), HABS No. NJ-1200, Forked River
Forked River Game Farm, Gatehouse, HABS No. NJ-1200-A, Forked River
Forked River House (Blodgett House), HABS No. NJ-1108, Forked River
Harvey Cedars Hotel (Harvey Cedars Bible Conference Center), HABS No. NJ-1143, Harvey Cedars
Holy Innocents Episcopal Church, HABS No. NJ-1102, Beach Haven
Isaac Jennings House, HABS No. NJ-1139, Seaside Park
Island Queen House, HABS No. NJ-1145, Island Heights
John English House, HABS No. NJ-1146, Island Heights
Lippencott-Falkinburg House (Barnegat Historical Society Museum), HABS No. NJ-1096, Barnegat
Little Egg Harbor Yacht Club, HABS No. NJ-1105, Beach Haven
The Log, HABS No. NJ-1104, Beach Haven
Long Beach Island Region, HABS No. NJ-10 14, Surf City Vicinity
Manahawkin Station, HABS No. NJ-1150, Manahawkin
Maris-Stella Sisters of Charity Convent Station, HABS No. NJ-1142, Harvey Cedars
New Jersey Avenue (112) House, HABS No. NJ-1137, Point Pleasant
Old Stone Store, HABS No. NJ-1149, Manahawkin
Ocean County Courthouse, HABS No. NJ-1117, NR, Toms River
Osborn Farmhouse, HABS No. NJ-1167, Herbertsville
Pettitt Barn, HABS No. NJ-1060, Bricktown
Pharo House, HABS No. NJ-1103, Beach Haven
Pine Beach Chapel, HABS No. NJ-1136, Pine Beach
Point Pleasant Hardware Company, HABS No. NJ-1138, Point Pleasant
Potter, Thomas, House, HABS No. NJ-840, Lanoka Harbor
Quaker Meeting House, HABS No. NJ-1098, Barnegat
Quaker Meeting House, HABS No. NJ-1118, Tuckerton
Royal Pines Hotel (Bayview Convalescent Center), HABS No., NJ-1101, Bayville
Schoolhouse, HABS No. NJ-1135, Parkertown
Schoolhouse (Municipal Building), HABS No. NJ-1123, West Creek
Sherborne Farm, HABS No. NJ-1106, Beach Haven
Stafford Avenue Bridge, HAER No. NJ-87, Manahawkin
Town of Barnegat, HABS No. NJ-1025
Town of Bayville, HABS No. NJ-10 19
Towns of Cedar Run and Mayetta, HABS No. NJ-1027
Town of Forked River, HABS No. NJ-1023
Town of Island Heights, HABS No. NJ-1018
Towns of Lanoka Harbor and Murray Grove, HABS No. NJ-1022
Town of Manahawkin, HABS No. NJ-1026
Town of Parkertown, HABS No. NJ-1029
Town of Pinewald, HABS No. NJ-1020
Towns of Point Pleasant and Point Pleasant Beach, HABS No. NJ-1012
Town of South Toms River, HABS No. NJ-1017
Town of Toms River, HABS No. NJ-1016
Town of Tuckerton, HABS No. NJ-1030
Town of Waretown, HABS No. NJ-1024
Towns of West Creek and Staffordville, HABS No. NJ-1028
Tuckerton Emporium, HABS No. NJ 1120, Tuckerton
Tuckerton Library, HABS No. NJ-1119, Tuckerton
Union Church of Lavallette (Inter-denominational), HABS No. NJ-1147, Lavallette
Unitarian Church, HABS No. NJ-1133, Murray Grove
Wanamaker Hall, HABS No. NJ-1144, Island Heights
West Creek United Methodist Church, HABS No. NJ-1190, West Creek

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