The Most Splendid Carpet
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I. A Masterpiece for the Senate

II. Floorcoverings in America to 1800

III. English Influences in Design

IV. William Peter Sprague, Carpet Manufacturer

V. Elements of Design in the Senate's Carpet

VI. The Senate and Republican Respectability



Funds for the research, the production of a reconstructed carpet, and a portion of the publication costs were made available to Independence National Historical Park through a government grant from The Pew Memorial Trust of which The Glenmede Trust Company is the trustee.



I. Rendering for the reconstruction of the Senate Chamber Carpet, Congress Hall, Philadelphia.
II. Detail of Exeter Carpet at Petworth House.
III. Detail of Axminster Carpet, Saloon, Saltram House.
IV. Detail of Axminster Carpet, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
V. Detail of Axminster Carpet, Music Room, Harewood House.
VI. Restored Senate Chamber, Congress Hall.


1. Exterior View of Congress Hall, Philadelphia.
2. Floor Plans of Congress Hall.
3. Portrait of "Isaac Royall and Family" by Robert Feke.
4. Detail of Brussels Carpet, Victoria and Albert Museum.
5. Detail of Wilton Carpet, Attingham Park.
6. Detail of Ingrain Carpet, Colonial Williamsburg.
7. Illustration from Diderot's Encyclopedia...
8. Detail of Moorfields Carpet, Kedleston.
9. Detail of Moorfields Carpet, Osterley Park.
10. Robert Adam, "Design for a Ceiling in the Etruscan Taste."
11. "Neptune and Amphitrite," Mosaic from Herculaneum.
12. Doorknob and Escutcheon Designed by Robert Adam.
13. Detail of Library Ceiling at Harewood House.
14. Photograph of Senate Chamber Carpet Being Reproduced in Spain.
15. Carpet Formerly Attributed to William Peter Sprague.
16. Wafer Impression of the Great Seal of the United States, 1782.
17. Engraving: "A Display of the United States of America," by Amos Doolittle, 1791.
18. Illustration from Percier and Fontaine's Recueil de Décorations Intérieurs.
19. Axminster Carpet, in the Lansdowne Room, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
20. Detail of the German Imperial Eagle from Guillim's Heraldrie.
21. Frontispiece of the Great Seal of the United States from Les Constitutions des Treize Etats Unis de l'Amérique, 1783.
22. Engraved Plate: "Arms of the United States," by James Trenchard, 1786.
23. Half a Dollar, Paper Currency, 1776.
24. Flag of Webb's Additional Continental Regiment.
25. Engraving: "America Lamenting," by Joseph Strutt after Robert Edge Pine.
26. "Immune Columbia" Pattern Coin.
27. Detail of English Printed Textile with Version of Pine's "America Lamenting."
28. Watercolor and Silk Embroidery, New York.
29. English Georgian Needlework Carpet.
30. Pediment Sculpture by Clodius Legrand, the First Bank of the United States.
31. Design for a Carpet by Robert Adam for Sir Nash Curzon.
32. Engraving: "Trofeo di Ottaviano Augusto," by Giovanni Battista Piranesi.
33. Detail of Staircase at Ham House.
34. Armorial Trophy Panel, Osterley Park.
35. Facade of Theatre Royal Drury Lane.
36. Engraving: "View of the Triumphal Arch and Colonnade, Erected in Boston... 1789," from the Massachusetts Magazine.
37. Detail of English Printed Textile.
38. Detail of Cartouche from a "Map of Virginia" by Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson, 1751.
39. Detail of Title Page from the Pennsylvania Magazine, Vol. I, 1775.
40. New York Mechanick Society Membership Certificate, 1791.
41. Detail of Humane Society of Philadelphia Membership Certificate, 1803.
42. Landscape Wallpaper in the Jeremiah Lee Mansion, Marblehead, Massachusetts.
43. Detail of Trophies from United States Military Philosophical Society Membership Certificate, c. 1803.
44. Engraved Plate: "Attributs de Peche," by Jean Charles Delafosse.
45. Engraved Plate: "la Musique, l'Agriculture," by Jean Charles Delafosse.
46. Axminster Carpet of the "Lansdowne Type," The Victoria and Albert Museum.

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