Hubbell Trading Post
Administrative History
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List of Figures



Executive Summary


Location, Access, and Public Facilities
Utility Systems
Economic Trends
On Avoiding A Gaffe
The Navajo Language
Physical Descriptions of the Historic Site
History of the Site to 1957

Chapter I: Hubbell Trading Post, July, 1957

The Birth of an Idea

Chapter II: Legislative History

Ned Danson Looks for Help
Barry Goldwater, Carl Hayden and Stewart L. Udall Made Early Trips to Ganado
The National Park Service Goes to Work
Roman Hubbell Dies
The National Advisory Board of the National Park Service Joins the Act
Robert Utley's Special Report of Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado, Arizona, for the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings
S. 1871 and H.R. 7279
Opposition Arises to the Hubbell Trading Post Legislation
Inventories and Appraisals
Hubbell Trading Post in Limbo
The Origin of the Live Trading Post Concept

Chapter III: Land Acquisition

Hubbell Hill
The National Park Service Moves to Hubbell Trading Post
The Case of the Silk Rug

Chapter IV: The National Park Service Finds an Operator for the Trading Post

The Rise and Fall of the Trading Post as an Important Institution
The NPS Looks for an Operator for the Trading Post
John Cook Asks for Southwest Parks and Monuments Association
Enter Southwest Parks and Monuments Association
SPMA Searches for its Role at Hubbell Trading Post
The Third and Final Plan for SPMA at Hubbell Trading Post

Chapter V: Traders and Trading

Bill Young, SPMA's First Trader at Hubbell Trading Post, 1967-1978
What It takes to be an Indian Trader
Wool and Mohair and Pinon Nuts and Livestock
Alan R. Grieve, Trader/Manager, 1978-1981
Why John Young was not Chosen to Succeed his Father as Trader/Manager
Changes in Trading Practices During Alan Grieve's Tenure as Trader/Manager
Al Grieve Resigns
Billy Gene Malone, Trader/Manager, 1981 to Present

Chapter VI: The Trading Post

Finances, Organization, and Some Veteran Employees
SPMA's Employees at the Trading Post
Long-Term Employees at the Trading Post
The Chain of Command at the Trading Post
SPMA Employees Who are not Clerks
Friday Kinlicheenie, Retired SPMA Employee

Chapter VII: Cultural Resources I

Building Roster
Trading Post and Wareroom Extension (HB-1 and HB-9)
Hubbell Residence (HB-2)
Barn (HB-3)
Manager's Residence (HB-4)
Stone Residence (HB-5)
Guest Hogan (HB-6)
Bread Oven (HB-7)
Adobe Utility Building (HB-8)
Corrals, Pens and Sheds (HB-10)
Hogan-in-the-Lane (HB-11)
Site Offices and Visitor Center, Rest Rooms, Library (Old School and Chapter House Complex) (HB-12, HB-13, HB-14)
Proposed Research Studies
Pertinent Studies On File At The Historic Site

Chapter VIII: Cultural Resources II

The Museum Collection
Two Notable Artists Who Stayed at Hubbell Trading Post
Elbridge Ayer Burbank
Maynard Dixon
Collection Management Plan (1975)
The Collection
Library Management
Natural History
Restrictions on Museum Collection
Some Disparate Issues Concerning The Museum Collection
Recommended Action Concerning the Museum Collection
The Curators of Hubbell Trading Post

Chapter IX: Cultural Resources III

Indian Culture 9500 B.C. to 5500 B. C
Paleo-Indian Period, 9500 B.C. to 5500 B.C
Desert Culture Period, 5500 B.C. to 0 A.D
Anasazi Period, A.D. 0 to A.D. 1300
The Navajo
Some Archeological Sites Within the Boundaries of Hubbell Trading Post
Pertinent Research Studies on File at Hubbell Trading Post (listed chronologically)
Suggested Further Research

Chapter X: Cultural Resources IV

The Land
The Alfalfa Farm
Who Will Do the Farming for the NPS
Irrigation at Hubbell Trading Post
Farmland Research

Chapter XI: Special Events and Public Relations

Dedication Ceremony
The Blessing Way After Lightning Struck a Tree at Hubbell Trading Post
Daughters of the American Colonists
On the Road: Shows, Fairs, Exhibits, Galleries

Chapter XII: Interpretation of the Site

Interpretive Objectives (1980)
Intercultural Relations - Exchange of Cultures
The Origin of Hubbell Trading Post's Annual Chicken Report
Cultural Interpretation

Chapter XIII: Planning for the Site

Management Objectives
The Kitchen Conference
Planning Documents for Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
Master Plan for Hubbell Trading Post
National Historic Site, 1966
Master Plan, 1972
Statement for Management, December, 1975
Resources Management Plan, 1979
Assessment of Alternatives for Development Concept Plans, March, 1979
Development Concept Plan, August, 1980
Resources Management Plan, 1981
Resources Management Plan and Environmental Assessment, Approved January, 1982
Statement for Management, 1986
Resources Management Plan, 1988

Chapter XIV: Maintenance and Stabilization

Stabilization Projects
The Mid-1970s Barn Debacle
Other Stabilization Projects
Threats to the Site (Of Fire, Flood, Prairie Dogs, and the Plague)
Roads and Bridges

Chapter XV: Continuing Policy and Administrative Issues

Employee Housing
Security for the Museum Collection and the Trading Post
The NPS and SPMA at the Historic Site
The Friends of Hubbell Trading Post
Irrigation and Erosion
An Island in the Middle of the Vast Navajo Reservation

Chapter XVI: Hubbell Trading Post's Superintendents (1967-1991)

John Cook 1966-1969
Wescoat Wolfe 1969
Bernard G. Tracy 1969-1971
Kevin McKibbin 1971-1974
Thomas G. Vaughan 1974-1978
Juin Crosse 1978-1980
Luis Edward Gastellum 1981-1984
Charles Barry Cooper 1984-1986
Douglas C. McChristian 1986-1987
Charles D. Wyatt 1987 to present
Acting Superintendents

Bibliographic Essay


Appendix A: Public Law 89-148

Appendix B: Memorandum of Agreement between NPS and SPMA

Appendix C: Memorandum of Understanding between NPS and University of Arizona

Appendix D: Memorandum of Agreement between HTPNHS and the Friends of HTPNHS, Inc

Appendix E: Land Description

Appendix F: Staffing Table

Appendix G: Annual Gross Sales of SPMA at HTPNHS

Appendix H: Annual Operating Budget Amounts at HTPNHS

Appendix I: Visitor Use by Year 1968 to March, 1991

Index (omitted from on-line edition)



1. Vicinity of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
2. Map of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
3. Photograph shows wareroom, the curator's office and storage area, and in the background, the barn
4. Hubbell Trading Post as seen from the top of Hubbell Hill looking across the Pueblo Colorado Wash
5. John Lorenzo Hubbell in 1908. This is one of the famous "Redheads" done by E. A. Burbank
6. John Lorenzo Hubbell holds one end of a rug. A Navajo woman, probably the weaver, holds the other end
7. Navajo wagons at Hubbell Trading Post circa 1910
8. The original east-west road through Ganado ran right past the front of Hubbell Trading Post
9. The trading post Bullpen in 1949
10. Roman and Dorothy Hubbell
11. Dr. Edward B. Danson in the backyard of his home in Sedona, Arizona
12. Trader Bill Young examines a Navajo rug with Roberta Tso
13. Loading wool to take to town
14. Weighing wool at Hubbell Trading Post
15. Putting sheep into the corral—the horseman is Friday Kinlicheenie
16. Al Grieve, Trader/Manager at Hubbell Trading Post NHS
17. Bill Malone, Trader/Manager of Hubbell Trading Post NHS
18. Helen Kirk, weaver, in 1984
19. Silversmith Ben Davis at work in the Visitor Center
20. Early morning at Hubbell Trading Post
21. The Hubbell home
22. The interior of the Hubbell home, the hall, looking north to the front door
23. Hubbell Residence
24. The Barn, HB-3
25. Manager's Residence (Ranger's Residence), HB-4
26. Stone Residence (Bunkhouse), HB-5
27. Guest Hogan
28. The Guest Hogan
29. The massive fireplace in the Guest Hogan
30. The Bread Oven, HB-7
31. The Adobe Utility Building, HB-8
32. The corrals, pens and sheds, HB-10
33. The Hogan-in-the-Lane, HB-11
34. Visitor Center and Site Office, HB-12
35. The Restrooms, HB-13
36. The Library
37. The Hubbell home as it appeared on August 18, 1909
38. Some of the museum collection
39. Archeological sites at Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site
40. A corner of Wide Reed Ruin
41. Laying inka to cover HUTR 10
42. Dedication Ceremony, September 7, 1967
43. Friday Kinlicheenie doing a Blessing Way ceremony
44. One of two structures at the historic site
45. The Pueblo Colorado Wash in flood
46. Erosion along the Pueblo Colorado Wash
47. Creating gab ions in the Pueblo Colorado Wash
48. Employee housing at Hubbell Trading Post NHS
49. Interior of the trading post
50. Sitsiji hózhóodoo shikéédéé' hózhóodoo
51. John Cook
52. Bernard G. Tracy
53. Kevin McKibbin
54. Thomas G. Vaughan
55. Juin Crosse
56. Barry Cooper
57. Douglas C. McChristian
58. Charles D. Wyatt


Tribute to a "Lady"

The death of Dorothy Hubbell on April 30, 1993, truly marked the passing of an era. Within the pages of this document one will catch only glimpses of her wit, business acumen, tenacity, and style. She truly left her mark — every bit a Lady!!

— John Cook, Regional Director, Southwest Region

"We are not dealing with a normal situation at Hubbell Trading Post. It is an island in the middle of the vast Navajo Reservation so that every move we make is complicated.... Everything we touch has an angle to it, most of them without precedent." [1]

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