Hubbell Trading Post
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Edward M. Chamberlin, Curator of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site, deserves special thanks and recognition here. The project would not have been as complete as it is without his help and thoughtfulness. And we want to thank Charles Wyatt, Superintendent at Hubbell Trading Post, and the rest of his staff for their time, ideas, and memories. We want to thank, too, the staff of Southwest Parks and Monuments Association for loaning us space and their files on Hubbell Trading Post, with special thanks to Bill Malone and his kind staff at the trading post. Dr. Edward B. Danson gave us the better part of a day in order to recount, among other things, how the idea of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site was born. Dorothy S. Hubbell graciously answered our many questions, and at the end of our interview still had enough patience to share her birthday cake with us.

The Passing of Friday Kinlicheenie

Friday Kinlicheenie played an important and colorful role at Hubbell Trading Post during most of the time it has been a national historic site. He first went to work at the trading post in 1915. He retired when at last he could no longer work. Friday Kinlicheenie died on June 21, 1992, and he is buried at Cornfields next to his grandfather.

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Last Updated: 28-Aug-2006