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Appendix 1: Catoctin Furnace Machinery Foundation
Appendix 2: Catoctin Furnace Village House
Appendix 3: Iron Master's House and Workers' Cottages
Appendix 4: Catoctin Clarion Ad for Amos Lucas, barber
Appendix 5: The Western Maryland Railroad
Appendix 6: Western Maryland Railroad scenery
Appendix 7: Post Offices
Appendix 8: Late Nineteenth-Century Tourism in the Catoctin Region
Appendix 9: Newspaper Photos of Crash of Blue Mountain Express
Appendix 10: Foxville Watch Tower
Appendix 11: Maryland State Planning Commission Maps
Appendix 12: Letter Protesting Catoctin Land Acquisition
Appendix 13: Promotional Material for Recreational Demonstration Areas
Appendix 14: Letter from Catoctin WPA workers
Appendix 15: Wood produced by Catoctin RDA Saw Mill
Appendix 16: WPA Workers at Catoctin Furnace School
Appendix 17: Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Maryland League for Crippled Children, and Federal Camp Council Use of Catoctin RDA
Appendix 18: Proposed African-American Use of Recreational Demonstation Areas
Appendix 19: Aerial View of Catoctin CCC Camp
Appendix 20: Narrative Report for Month of October, 1942
Appendix 21: President's Pool at Shangri-La
Appendix 22: Sketch of Main Lodge at Shangri-La
Appendix 23: FDR's Visit to Shangri-La
Appendix 24: Chicago Daily News Reveals Presidential "Hideway"
Appendix 25: Bituminous Resurfacing of Roads
Appendix 26: Shangri-La Pass

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