Catoctin Mountain Park
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Chapter 1: Settling the Catoctin

A. Native Americans
B. Early White Exploration and Settlement
C. Settling Western Maryland
D. The French and Indian War
E. The Arrival of Iron
F. The Road to Revolution

Chapter 2: War and Industry on the Mountain, 1776-1859

A. Introduction
B. Forging a Revolution
C. Revolution and the Furnace
D. Rumsey's Steamboat
E. Early Industry
F. Wheat and Whiskey
G. Catoctin Furnace from the Top Down
H. Catoctin Furnace from the Bottom Up: Slavery
I. The 1838 Riot
J. The Furnace After Brien

Chapter 3: Civil War and the Decline of Industry

A. Introduction
B. Catoctin's Civil War
C. "The Sound of the STeam Whistle Twice a Day"
D. The Furnace: A Relict Industry
E. Life and Labor at the Catoctin Furnace
F. The Rise of Tourism

Chapter 4: The Eve of Acquisition

A. Introduction
B. The End of Industry on the Mountain
C. "Pleasure Seekers": The Growth of Tourism
D. The Wreck of the Blue Mountain Express
E. Fire and Fire Control
F. Moonshining and Blue Blazes
G. The Mountain on the Eve of Acquisition

Chapter 5: A New Deal for the Mountain

A. Introduction
B. The Depression in Washington and Frederick Counties
C. The New Deal in Western Maryland
D. Bessie Darling
E. The Birth of the Park
F. The Ordeal of Acquisition, Part I
G. Construction and Labor at Catoctin, Part I
H. The Ordeal of Acquistion, Part II
I. Construction and Labor at Catoction, Part II
I. Use and Segregation
I. The CCC in the Catoctins

Chapter 6: War and Politics Shape the Park

A. Introduction
B. The Winds of War
C. War
D. Shangri-La
E. Wartime Road Construction
F. The War Reshapes the Park
G. The Fate of the Park
H. Conclusion

Prospects for Future Research

Selected Sources

Maps and Appendices

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