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Selected Sources

Primary Sources

Frederick County Historical Society, MD

McPherson Family Papers
Post Card Collection
Ledger of George Hauver Jr., Journal of his Ordinary (later Wolfe's tavern)

National Archives, Washington, DC

RG 69, Records of the Works Progress Administration, Central Files.
RG 35, Records of the CCC, Division of Investigations Camp Inspection Reports.

National Archives, College Park, MD (NA in notes)

RG 79, Records of the National Park Service

Records of the Branch of Plans and Design, Monthly Narrative Reports
Records of the Project Application Section, Memoranda and Correspondence Concerning CCC Camps
Records of Newton B. Drury, 1940-1941
Records of the National Park Service, Records of the Branch of Recreation, Land Planning and State Cooperation, Records Concerning WPA Projects, 1935-1943
Records of the National Park Service, Records of the Office of the Chief Counsel, Legislative Files, 1932-1950
Records Concerning RDAs, Project Records of the Project Planning and Control Section, Land Utilization Division
Records Concerning RDAs, RDA Program Files
Land Acquisition Case Files Pertaining to the Catoctin RDA

Thurmont Historical Society, Thurmont, MD

Vertical Files

Catoctin Mountain Park

Vertical Files

Census Material

Maryland Censuses, 1820-1920
Slave Schedules, 1860
Census of Manufactures, 1820
Agricultural census, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1870

McKeldin Library Special Collections, University of Maryland at College Park.

Agricultural Cooperative Extension Service Collection

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, NY

President's Personal Files
FDR: Day by Day- The Pare Lorentz Chronology, FDR Library.



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Native Americans

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French and Indian War

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Revolutionary War

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Early Iron Industry

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Civil War Era

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Baltimore Gazette and Advertiser

The Baltimore Phoenix and Budget

Baltimore Sun

Frederick Examiner.

Frederick News

Frederick Post

Frederick Town Herald

Hagerstown Mail

Happy Days

The Mountaineer

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