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Admirable class

22. USS Hazard (Omaha, Nebraska)
23. USS Inaugural (St. Louis, Missouri)

USS Hazard and USS Inaugural appear to meet the criteria for designation as National Historic Landmarks. They are fleet minesweepers of the Admirable class that represent the role of the many support ships designed to service and protect larger naval vessels in operation against Japan in World War II. The purpose of fleet minesweepers was to arrive before the main battle fleet and sweep the area for mines. Minesweepers remained with the fleet during operations constantly sweeping for enemy mines. Minesweepers were the first navy vessels to arrive in a new area and the last to leave.

USS Hazard is one of the best preserved and maintained World War II warships in the country today. She was taken out of operation in 1946 and has survived as a museum ship in Omaha with all of her systems and equipment intact. She possesses total integrity and is a time capsule of a World War II-era navy minesweeper. USS Hazard served in the Pacific in 1945.

USS Inaugural is in fair condition and has lost a substantial amount of her World War II integrity. She is now being restored to her World War II configuration. She served in the Pacific in 1945.


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