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Warships Associated With
World War II in the Pacific


North Carolina class

  3. USS North Carolina (Wilmington, North Carolina)

South Dakota class

  4. USS Alabama (Mobile, Alabama)
  5. USS Massachusetts (Fall River, Massachusetts)

Iowa class

  6. USS Missouri (Long Beach, California)

These ships represent the World War II role of the American battleship which changed from the principle capital ship of the navy to a support ship designed to protect and screen the fast Essex class carrier battlegroups.

USS North Carolina, USS Alabama, and USS Massachusetts appear to meet the criteria for designation. These ships were all fast new American battleships that illustrate the role of the battleship as the protector of the aircraft carrier. USS North Carolina and USS Alabama are in excellent condition and retain their World War II integrity. USS Massachusetts is in good condition and retains her World War II integrity. All three ships saw action in the Pacific during World War II.

USS Missouri does not appear to meet the criteria for designation. USS Missouri is perhaps the most famous American battleship dating from the war. It was on her deck on September 2, 1945, that the Japanese signed the surrender ending World War II. For many years she was in reserve in the navy yard at Bremerton, Washington. In 1983 the navy moved her from Bremerton to Long Beach, California, to prepare the ship for active duty. As a result of her modernization, USS Missouri has lost her World War II integrity. It is recommended that in view of her significant association with the end of the war, that when she is released from active service, that her condition be examined again to determine her potential for designation as a National Historic Landmark.

In addition to the above battleships, USS New Jersey, USS Iowa and USS Wisconsin were examined in the study. USS New Jersey and USS Iowa do not appear to meet the criteria for designation because they have been modernized and returned to active service by the navy and have lost their World War II integrity. USS Wisconsin is the last Iowa class battleship still retained by the navy that has not been modernized. USS Wisconsin is now in the Philadelphia Naval Yard and is scheduled for activation in 1986. Because this activation will result in the destruction of the historic character of USS Wisconsin, the ship will not meet the criteria for designation as a National Historic Landmark.

USS Texas now preserved in San Jacinto, Texas, is a World War I era battleship that saw extensive service in World War II and is already a National Historic Landmark.


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