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25. SS Jeremiah O'Brien (San Francisco, California)

Liberty Ships were an emergency response to a critical shortage of maritime cargo ships in World War II. Manned by merchant seamen and a naval armed guard, they carried all types of war supplies throughout the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. More than 2,700 Liberty Ships were constructed during the war. They were all built to a standardized design and represent the unexcelled industrial capacity of the United States to prepare and transport war supplies all over the world during the war. Liberty Ships were armed for defense and many of them participated in combat with enemy forces.

SS Jeremiah O'Brien appears to meet the criteria for designation because she is the sole operable unaltered survivor of this great fleet of ships built during the war. She represents the largest class of ships constructed by the United States during the war. SS Jeremiah O'Brien is in excellent condition and retains her World War II integrity.

Additional Note:

Jeremiah O'Brien was an American Revolutionary War naval officer who successfully fought the British in a number of engagements--he was the son of Morris O'Brien, a resident of the American Colonies who moved to Machais, Maine in 1765 and worked in the lumber business with his six sons.. J O'B was born in Scarborough, Maine 5 October 1818. Jeremiah O'Brien and citizens of Machais overtook and commandeered the British schooner Margretta in what is termed the first sea fight of the American Revolution. With the ship rechristened the Machais Liberty, O'Brien then captured the British survey vessel Diligence. O'Brien and his brothers William and John served as American naval officers, intercepting British supply ships. He captained the privateer Hannibal, was captured and imprisoned in the Jersey guard ship and sent to England to Mill Prison from which he escaped. After the Revolution he lived in Brunswick, Maine and died as the Collector for the port of Machais. His brother John, commanding the privateer Hibernia, captured the British ship General Pattison having on board a number of British army officers on their way back to England. (Source: Appleton's Encyclopedia 2001)

The WWII Liberty ship SS Jeremiah O'Brien was named for this American patriot. It is presently moored in San Francisco.


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