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Five Views: An Ethnic Historic Site Survey for California



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A History of Chinese Americans in California:

Underlined sites are links to more detailed reports.

1. A. Leu's Feed Store, Monterey County
2. Ah Louis Store, San Luis Obispo County
3. Auburn Chinese American Cemetery, Placer County
4. Auburn Chinese American Community, Placer County
5. Bartlett Springs Toll Road, Lake County
6. Bay Side Canning Company, Santa Clara County
7. Beringer Brothers Winery, Napa County
8. Big Gap Flume, Tuolumne County
9. Bismark Site, San Bernardino County
10. Bodie Chinese American Community, Mono County

11. Bok Kai Miu, Yuba County
12. Brookside Winery, San Bernardino County
13. Buena Vista Store, Amador County
14. Butte Store, Amador County
15. Calexico Chinese American Community Site, Imperial County
16. Caliente Railroad Terminal Site, Kern County
17. California Borax Company Site, Lake County
18. China Beach Site, Santa Cruz County
19. China Camp, Marin County
20. Chinese American Telephone Exchange, San Francisco

21. Chinese Benevolent Association, San Diego County
22. Chinese Bunkhouse, San Bernardino County
23. Chinese Camp, Tuolumne County
24. Chinese Gambling Hall, Sierra County
25. Chinese Fishing Village Site, San Mateo County
26. Chinese Lime Kiln Site, Kern County
27. Chinese Store, Placer County
28. Chinese Temples, San Luis Obispo County
29. Chinese Warehouse (La Casa de Pelanconi), Los Angeles County
30. Confucius Church and Community Center, Imperial County

31. Double Springs Courthouse, Calaveras County
32. Earl Fruit Company Site, Orange County
33. Eureka Chinese American Community Site, Humboldt County
34. Fiddletown's Chinese American Community, Amador County
35. Folsom Chinese American Cemetery, Sacramento County
36. Fong Wah Cemetery, Siskiyou County
37. Fresno Chinese American Community, Fresno County
38. Gasquet Toll Road, Del Norte County
39. Haraszthy Buena Vista Vineyards, Sonoma County
40. Harmony Borax Works, Inyo County

41. Hercules Powder Plant, Contra Costa County
42. Hi Chung Laundry, Solano County
43. Isleton Chinese American Community, Sacramento County
44. John Swett Winery Site, Contra Costa County
45. Ken Ying Low Restaurant, Santa Clara County
46. Kong Chow Temple Site, San Francisco
47. L. T. Sue Herb Co., Kings County
48. Lang Station Site, Los Angeles County
49. Let Sing Gong, Kern County
50. Liet Sheng Kong, Butte County

51. Lincoln Chan Ranch, Sacramento County
52. Locke, Sacramento County
53. Los Angeles Chinese American Community, Los Angeles County
54. Los Angeles Massacre Site, Los Angeles County
55. Low Divide Road, Del Norte County
56. Markleeville Chinese American Cemetery, Alpine County
57. Marysville Chinese American Community, Yuba County
58. Ming's Store, Amador County
59. Mo Dai Miu (Temple of Kuan Kung), Mendocino County
60. Nevada City Chinese American Cemetery, Nevada County

61. Old Chinese Herb Shop, Nevada County
62. Oriental Street, San Bernardino County
63. Parrott Granite Block Site, San Francisco
64. Peking Street, Ventura County
65. Quick Ranch Stone Wall, Mariposa County
66. Quincy Chinese American Cemetery, Plumas County
67. Riverside Chinese American Community Site, Riverside County
69. Salinas Chinese American Community, Monterey County
70. Sam Kee Laundry, Napa County

71. San Jose Chinese American Cemetery, Santa Clara County
72. San Luis Obispo Chinese American Cemetery Site, San Luis Obispo County
73. Santa Ana Valley Irrigation Tunnel, Orange County
74. Santa Barbara Chinese American Community Site, Santa Barbara County
75. Shasta Chinese American Community, Shasta County
76. Sing Kee's Store, Amador County
77. Stone House, El Dorado County
78. Stone Walls, Santa Clara County
79. Suey Hing Benevolent Society, Santa Cruz County
80. Suey Sing Store, Yuba County

81. Sulphur Bank Mine, Lake County
82. Sun Sun Wo Co., Mariposa County
83. Sze Yup Cemetery, Trinity County
84. Taoist Temple, Kings County
85. Taoist Temple, San Joaquin County
86. Wah Hop Store and China Bank, El Dorado County
87. Walnut Grove Chinese American Community, Sacramento County
88. Way-Aft-Whyle, Lake County
89. Wells Fargo Co./Chinese Laundry, Nevada County
90. Wheatland Chinese American Cemetery, Yuba County

91. Wing Chong Store, Monterey County
92. Wong Mansion, San Joaquin County
93. Won Lim Miu (Temple), Trinity County
94. Yreka Chinese American Cemetery, Siskiyou County

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