Hidden Canyon - Hudson Point - Tweeds Point

This page describes roads near the center of the monument in the northern Grand Wash Cliffs area. Roads are listed in numerical order, not by routes. Use this guide with the BLM Arizona Strip Visitor Map. All roads in this area should be explored with a high clearance four wheel drive vehicle with all-terrain tires in good condition. Some roads are only suitable for UTVs and specially modified short wheelbase 4x4s.

This is not a complete guide to all roads in this area. This list is made primarily of the numbered roads on the BLM map that are used by the recreating public frequently. Some roads, like Tweeds Point road BLM1616, are described here even though the road is not currently numbered on the BLM map. For unnumbered roads assume they may only be appropriate for specially modified short wheelbase 4x4s or UTVs. Always turn around if it gets too rough for your vehicle.
  • BLM1003 - Stock 4x4 vehicles may have trouble at the west end of the 1003. The rough section is only 15 yards long (see video below) but has a step that may cause some stock 4x4 SUVs and longer wheelbase pickups to scrape or high center. Bypass via BLM1007 to BLM1032 to BLM1033 back to Hidden Canyon. East of the BLM1033/1003 junction the road will be rough with multiple dry wash crossings (example in video) but is usually passable for most high clearance 4x4s. Bring a shovel.
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This video shows a Jeep going over bedrock above the switchbacks on BLM1003 and a dry wash in Hidden Canyon to show typical conditions. No audio in this video other than the sound of tires on rocks.

  • BLM1007 - Usually appropriate for all high clearance 4x4s.
  • BLM1032 - Usually appropriate for all high clearance 4x4s.
  • BLM1033 - Usually appropriate for all high clearance 4x4s.
  • BLM1034 - Usually appropriate for all high clearance 4x4s.
  • BLM1034F - Note: Not currently numbered on the BLM map. Located southeast of BLM1616. On the BLM map it looks like it reaches SE Tweeds Point but this road is NOT passable to any vehicle past a wildlife water improvement due to treefalls over the roadbed. Use BLM1616 to get to the Tweeds Point rim.
  • BLM1054 - Usually appropriate for all high clearance 4x4s. Some very long wheelbase trucks may have trouble with a few sharp turns.
  • BLM1061 - Recommended for UTVs only.
  • BLM1071 (Last Chance Canyon) - Usually appropriate for all high clearance 4x4s. However, in winter, the canyon section can be icy due to shade from high cliffs. South of Hudson Point on top of the Shivwitz Plateau BLM1071 is less traveled but leads to several camping spots at the top of the Grand Wash Cliffs that offer 80 mile views to the west. This section should be passable for all high clearance 4x4s.
  • BLM1507 to Hudson Point - The two mile long spur road to the stunning viewpoint off BLM1071 is not marked by a numbered post on the road at this time. You reach the turn right to BLM1507 right as you get to the top at Last Chance Knoll after the long climb up Last Chance Canyon. BLM1507 is usually well maintained.
  • BLM1616 - Leads to NW Tweeds Point. Note: Not currently numbered on the BLM map. This road starts on BLM1032 just north of the BLM1034 junction. Usually appropriate for all high clearance 4x4s except long wheelbase pickups as one wash crossing is deep and short. Longer pickups could scrape their bumpers off.

Last updated: April 19, 2018

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