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Meet the park's Federal Advisory Commission

The Commission was charged with advising the National Park Service and other key agencies in creating the park's General Management Plan. The Commission held it's finally meeting in March, 2019.

Learn about the General Management Plan

This is the park's first general management plan and will provide the framework for guiding resource management, visitor experiences, facilities and partnerships. The issues addressed by the GMP include: sustaining the park's fundamental resources; providing for safe, sustainable public access and recreational activities; building new and reinforcing existing partnerships to protect natural and cultural resources; and improving facilities and infrastructure that meets the needs of both visitors and the community. The General Management Plan was completed in January, 2016.

Read the Foundation Document

Every unit of the national park system will have a foundational document to provide basic guidance for planning and management decisions - a foundation for planning and management. The core components of a foundation document include a brief description of the park as well as the park’s purpose, significance, fundamental resources and values, and interpretive themes. Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park completed it's Foundation Document in April, 2018.

Last updated: December 20, 2019

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