Permits & Reservations

Ranger talking to a visitor
A visitor takes in a program at the Fort Brown earthworks. Programs at the earthworks and Resaca de la Palma Battlefield are available on a reservation basis.


Program Reservations

Would you like to attend a Ranger program or tour but your schedule just won't allow it? Maybe you're entertaining company from out of town. Palo Alto Battlefield does its best to accommodate special program and tour requests.

Tour and program requests must be for groups of eight or more and must be made at least two weeks in advance. Requests are dependent upon available staffing.
Are you planning a community event or program and think Palo Alto Battlefield would be a perfect fit? Please contact us.

Seasonal Programs

The park offers programs at Resaca de la Palma Battlefield and the Fort Brown Earthworks. These programs are offered from December to March. If you are interested in one of these programs, call (956) 541-2785 x333 to make an appointment.

The sun rises over the battlefield
Thinking of doing a photo shoot at the park? Contact us first.


Special park use

Are you considering using the park for anything other than a typical visit? Please contact the park at (956) 541-2785 or email us.

Permits are required for short-term activities taking place on park property and that benefit an individual, group or organization, rather than the public at large.

These activities must not be prohibited by law or regulation.

These activities must not detract from:

  • the park's resources or values
  • the visitor experiences
  • the park's mission

Written authorization and some degree of control by the NPS is required in order to protect park resources and the public interest. Potential resource damage, disruption of normal public use, and previously approved activities will be given first consideration. Park-specific regulations and policies are found in the Superintendent's Compendium (PDF 575 KB).


Last updated: June 15, 2018

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