A javelina paws at the ground in search of food
The javelina, also called collared peccary, is one of many mammals that inhabits the Sonoran Desert. Special adaptations allow the javelina to survive and thrive in many environments.

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Part of what makes Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument unique is the vast diversity of life found within its boundaries. Birds, mammals, reptiles, and even fish thrive in the “Green Desert”. Special adaptations and evolutions allow Sonoran Desert wildlife to fill certain roles, or niches, in their environment. Click through the links below to learn about specific types of wildlife found in the park. Some critters are common while others are rare, but no matter what you see, count yourself lucky to witness such unique life in a rare environment.

One large dark, and one small light butterfly cling to a flower.

Learn more about invertebrates in the monument.

A silhouetted black-tailed jackrabbit surveys the surroundings.

Special adaptations allow different mammals to survive here.

A Sonoran Desert toad sits facing the camera.
Amphibians & Fish

Find out which amphibians and fish live in the monument!

A zebra-tailed lizard on a rock, with bright yellow sides and striped tail.

Many reptiles make their home in the monument. Find out who!

A cactus wren poised on a cactus.

Discover the birds that call Organ Pipe Cactus home!


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Wildlife of the Sonoran Desert

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    Last updated: August 19, 2023

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