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Rivers Trails and Conservation Assistance

The National Park Service Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance program extends and expands the benefits of the National Park Service to communities throughout the nation.

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How We Help

When a community asks for assistance with a project through our application, National Park Service staff provide free, on-location facilitation and planning expertise. We draw from project experiences across the country and adapt best practices to a community's specific needs.

Our staff help:

  • Define project vision and goals
  • Inventory and map community resources
  • Identify and analyze key issues and opportunities
  • Engage collaborative partners and stakeholders
  • Design community outreach and participation strategies
  • Develop concept plans for trails, parks, and natural areas
  • Set priorities and build consensus
  • Identify funding sources
  • Develop a sustainable organizational framework to support the project
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In order to obtain National Park Service assistance for your community project, please visit our application page for more information.

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[dynamic music]

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- The National Park Service
isn't just about National Parks.

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We work with communities
to make them healthier

00:00:25:09 --:--:--:--
and more livable.

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- Creating a greenway along the
Harlem River waterfront.

00:00:31:01 --:--:--:--
- We want to create a safe
walking path for our youth

00:00:33:13 --:--:--:--
and our families.

00:00:35:04 00:00:38:23
- To make sure that the trail
is safe for users.

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- The services we provide vary

00:00:41:18 --:--:--:--
depending on the needs
of the projects

00:00:43:07 --:--:--:--
and the communities
we work with.

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- The rivers, the trails,
the parks

00:00:50:06 --:--:--:--
that are nearby
where people work, live,

00:00:53:04 --:--:--:--
and play are as important
to those communities

00:00:56:04 --:--:--:--
as the National Parks are
to the nation.

00:00:59:08 --:--:--:--
- People everywhere deserve
places to touch nature

00:01:02:03 --:--:--:--
and enjoy the outdoors.

00:01:03:19 --:--:--:--
the National Park Service

00:01:05:14 00:01:07:18
to see how we can help
make that a reality.

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Last updated: April 16, 2019