What We Do

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Our Model

Across the country, NPS-RTCA staff pair their professional planning, design and technical expertise with your team and knowledge experts from the community. Together, our partnership works to achieve your conservation and outdoor recreation vision. Based on the complexity of the project, we tailor our assistance to meet your needs and help you navigate a path to success. Although NPS-RTCA is not a grant-funding program, we can help your organization identify potential funding sources for your project.

Community Engagement

As a collaborative partner, we strive to achieve successful project outcomes by engaging communities in the visioning, planning and implementation of each project. We encourage strong community partnerships and facilitate meaningful engagement to ensure your conservation and outdoor recreation projects last into perpetuity.


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Access for All

Connecting to the natural world is a fundamental human need essential to our well-being. NPS-RTCA works with communities to ensure everyone has safe and equitable access to close-to-home outdoor experiences and places.

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More than National Parks

Our passion for special places goes beyond the boundaries of our national parks, and so does our purpose. That’s why our program provides support to the people who conserve remarkable spaces of community pride throughout this country.

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Community Focused

Local experience and enthusiasm are the core of community-led conservation and recreation efforts. NPS-RTCA staff listen to your ideas for your community, tailor our assistance to meet your needs, and help you navigate a path to success.

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Working Together for Our Future

Leaving the world a better place is much more achievable when we work together. Our team focuses on bringing everyone to the table to ensure the long-term success of your project and its benefits to your community.

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Last updated: September 14, 2022