Apply for Conservation or Outdoor Recreation Community Assistance

A small waterfall surrounded by pine trees in a forest.

NPS-RTCA welcomes applications from community groups, nonprofit organizations, tribal governments, national parks, and local, state and federal agencies. NPS-RTCA does not provide financial assistance or monetary grants. As a collaborative partner, we provide professional services to help you achieve your conservation and outdoor recreation project vision.

Watch the NPS-RTCA informational webinar to learn how our program can help you with planning, design, and technical expertise for your conservation and outdoor recreation projects.

Explore our latest publication to learn how NPS-RTCA:

  • Builds Healthy Communities
  • Conserves Lands and Waters
  • Develops Organizational Capacity
  • Supports Public Land Management Collaboration
  • Engages Youth

How To Apply

Application Process and Timeline

Applications are due on March 1st 2024.

Email the completed application to the program manager who serves your state (see the list at the end of the application).

Please include the following in your application package:

  1. Completed application form
  2. Site location map
  3. Commitment letters from 3 or more project partners
  4. Optional supplemental information that can help us learn more about your project (background documents, examples of media coverage, additional maps, list of links to resources, project photos, etc.)

Last updated: December 5, 2023