What We Do

The American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP) promotes the preservation of significant historic battlefields associated with wars on American soil. The ABPP focuses primarily on land use, cultural resource and site management planning, and public education.

Battlefield preservation enables current and future generations to better understand the connection between military conflicts and important social and political changes that occurred in American history. Saving the site of every military conflict that occurred on American soil is impractical; however, the ABPP is committed to helping states and local communities preserve the most important battlefields for future generations.

How We Help

The ABPP provides professional assistance to individuals, groups, organizations, or governments interested in preserving historic battlefield land and sites associated with battles. The ABPP also awards grants to groups, institutions, organizations , or governments sponsoring preservation projects at historic battlefields; and state and local governments seeking to acquire Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War battlefield land. These public-private partnerships save American taxpayers millions of dollars that would be required for federal acquisition, oversight, and interpretation of battlefields. Through these partnerships, the ABPP specifically enables communities near historic battlefields to develop local solutions for balanced preservation approaches for these sites.

Program Partners

The ABPP works with private landowners, battlefield friends groups, interested community groups, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, local, state, and tribal governments and Federal agencies. Battlefields are rapidly disappearing as urban and suburban development engulfs the landscape. The ABPP's "planning and partnerships" approach to battlefield preservation allows for the protection of significant battlefields that cannot always be preserved through public ownership. It is important that our preservation partners help to protect the battlefields in their communities in order for future generations of Americans to understand the important role the events that took place at these sites played in our nation's history.

Fast Facts

  • The ABPP was initially created by the Secretary of the Interior in 1991.
  • In 1996 Congress signed into law the American Battlefield Protection Act, which officially authorized the ABPP.

  • The ABPP, in conjunction with its partners, has surveyed more than 650 battlefields in 16 wars.

Since 1992 the ABPP has awarded over 513 Battlefield Preservation Planning Grants, helping to protect more than 100 battlefields in 42 states and territories.

Since 1998, the ABPP's Battlefield Land Acquisition Grants have helped preserve land at 110 Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and Civil War battlefields in 19 states.

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