What We Do

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Looking to Learn More about SOAR?

Stop by the Southern Arizona Office (SOAR) on north Central Avenue in Phoenix! We have Arizona park brochures and can help you plan your next trip. Or check out our Western National Parks Association bookstore for the perfect book to add to your library or gift for the park-lover in your life.

We at SOAR provide support to Arizona's National Park Service units to promote education, conservation, and visitor enjoyment. SOAR supports the Arizona Park Service sites with all facets of operations (administration, visitor services, resource protection, facilities, and natural and cultural resources), as well as facilitating statewide relationships. We also serve as a site for meeting and training gatherings.

Have an idea to partner with us? Just want to see what Arizona has to offer? Check out the links below:

  • Staff and Programs
    SOAR supports smaller Arizona parks by helping small park staffs to accomplish projects and reporting. Check out our staff members, what they do, and find your perfect partner!

Last updated: August 23, 2017