Staff and Programs

The Southern Arizona Office (SOAR) supports Arizona parks, monuments, memorials, and so on. Read below for what we do, and who to contact for project partnerships. Then, give us a call: 602-794-3804.


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Meghan Kish, Superintendent

As SOAR Superintendent and Arizona State Coordinator, Meghan's current position is supporting parks' needs. She continues to learn everyday from the parks and ensures that significance is applied to her role along with her expectation, of herself and her staff, to focus on exceptional customer service to meet the National Park Service mission.

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Maty Baldwin, Office Assistant

Maty is part of the Administrative Team for the Southern Arizona Office, Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot and Tonto National Monuments. She helps with the daily office operations at SOAR as well as budget for all units in the administrative team.

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Justin Mossman, Management & Program Analyst

Justin serves as the Management and Program Analyst for the SOAR Office. He is also part of the Administrative Team for Montezuma Castle, Tuzigoot and Tonto National Monuments. He provides training and support for budget, Financial Business Management Systems (FBMS), Project Management Information System (PMIS), property, internal controls and policy compliance, and procurement!

Resource Management

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Matt Guebard, Chief of Resource Management

Matt is the SOAR Archeologist. He is responsible for assisting parks with historic preservation planning, cultural resource project management and NHPA compliance.
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Jake DeGayner, Geographer

Jake helps Southern Arizona and other parks throughout the Region with managing their GIS programs and projects. He specializes in spatial documentation techniques such as terrestrial laser scanning and digital photogrammetry, and conducts projects using these technologies in southwest National Park units.
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Sharlot Hart, Archeologist

Sharlot serves Arizona's park units by aiding in cultural resource management and information managment. She can administer agreements as an Agreements Technical Representative (ATR) or facilitate archaeological compliance projects. Sharlot also manages SOAR's website, creates visual media, and aims to bring the best, current, data about our resources to frontline interpreters.

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Stephanie MacDonald, Environmental Protection Specialist

Stephanie supports Arizona's parks overseeing the environmental management processes and procedures and associated compliance. She provides guidance for the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), Wilderness Act, Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC), the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), Endangered Species Act (ESA), and all associated fieldwork and documentation.
She currently serves as Chair for Intermountain Region's (IMR) Wilderness Executive Committee. In this role, she provides input to the servicewide wilderness stewardship program.
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Kara Raymond, Hydrologist

Kara provides natural resource support to parks in Southern Arizona. Her specialty is in hydrology and aquatic ecology, and she assists with a wide variety of projects through NEPA compliance, project planning, and educational material development.
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Iraida Rodriguez, Archeological Technician

Iraida provides support to the resources division of SOAR by assisting in GIS projects and 3D digital documentation of cultural resources for the southwest national park units.

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Randall Skeirik, Vanishing Treasures Historical Architect

As a historical architect with the Vanishing Treasures Program, I am also affiliated with the SOAR office, and duty stationed at Tuzigoot National Monument. I am available on a consulting basis to any park in the Intermountain, Pacific West, or Alaska Regions to provide advice and assistance in the preservation of historic structures. My work focuses primarily on conducting condition assessments and developing treatment recommendations, but I can assist with most preservation-related issues on almost any type of historic structure.

Project Management

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Ted Corcoran, Project Manager

LCDR Theodore (Ted) Corcoran was selected to fill the position of Civil Engineer/Project Manager with the SOAR Office. His current position will provide sound advice and guidance on the planning, designing, and construction of park facility projects and ensure that projects are appropriate to support the NPS mission.

Asset Management (FMSS)

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Jim Gajkowski, Regional Facility Management Coordinator

Jim leads asset management activities for the Region and serves as a leader on several Servicewide groups. His knowledge is in the Facility Management Software System (FMSS), and Financial and Business Management System (FBMS) real property data management, and he supports our parks needs. Jim is also the park asset management lead for the Arizona parks.

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Crystal Dailey, FMSS Specialist - Hub 6 and 10 Lead

Crystal works as a part of the Asset Management team at SOAR. She is the HUB lead for the Arizona parks and supports parks through guidance in: asset management data quality, inventory management, project development, and work tracking and planning. Her background centers around cultural resource assets and she works to support the Arizona parks (and others regionally) with managing historic structures and Maintained Archeological Site (MAS) data in FMSS. She also provides regional Cultural Landscape Inventory-FMSS support and fleet and energy management support in FBMS.

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Daae Gutierrez, Pathways Intern- Facility Services Assistant

Daae is a member of the SOAR Asset Management team. She is a Pathways Student Intern attending Arizona State University, majoring in Political Science. Daae works to support the FMSS/data management needs of the SOAR parks, as well as supporting regional asset management data efforts and initiatives.

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Bruce Kaeding, Facility Management Systems Assistant

Bruce is a member of the SOAR Asset Management team and is duty stationed at Saguaro NP (SAGU). He assists SAGU and Casa Grande Ruins NM as a facility services assistant, helping to track their Facility Maintenance operations, maintenance and project planning needs and aiding them to match those needs up with available funding.
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Tami Legaspi, Facility Services Assistant

Tami provides FMSS support to 3 park units in the Southern Arizona Group. She also assists with Energy, Fleet and Real Property in FBMS.

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Theo Ramlal, Pathways Intern

Theo is a Pathways Student Intern from Florida International University majoring in Recreation & Sport Management. He is a member of Crystal Dailey's Asset Management team, so he helps support the FMSS/data management needs of the SOAR parks, as well as supporting regional asset management data efforts and initiatives. Theo also assists Ted Corcoran, the Project Manager, with writing up Scopes Of Work and other project tasks.

Shanna Ramsey, Facility Services Assistant

Shanna provides FMSS and PMIS support to park facility management programs at southern parks in the group. She also coordinates with park staff to develop project proposals.

Information Technology

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Brian Green, IT Specialist

Brian's position is a simple one: work to make sure that users can work. Whether it is fixing a broken computer or making sure the park's network is operational, if it is computer related, he's the support desk.

Last updated: June 28, 2018