Northeast Region's 2017 Year in Review

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Boston Harbor Islands Discovery Camps: National Parks of Boston. This week-long, immersive program engages youth and youth leaders in their harbor islands.

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Success in a New Century

"There is nothing so American as our national parks...The fundamental idea behind the that the country belongs to the people, that it is in process of making for the enrichment of the lives of all of us." — President Franklin D. Roosevelt

In 2017, the National Park Service (NPS) celebrated its 101st year. It was a time to get back to basics. Many parks and programs brought unique and undiscovered stories into light, which inspired new audiences to experience parks next door and across the country. This effort helped visitors to have a deeper encounter with natural and historic stories and resources.

2017 Annual Review Video

Parks and programs across the Northeast Region shared hundreds of images with us. These images depicted events, visitor experiences, and vistas that inspired us all. We hope you take the time to enjoy this six-minute video and are inspired to plan your next adventure!

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Hi, I’m Gay Vietzke, regional director of the National Park Service’s Northeast Region. I’m standing in front of the John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site in Brookline, Massachusetts. In 1917, our 35th president was born in this house. In 2017 we celebrated the centennial of President Kennedy’s birth here. This wonderful site is one of 83 national park sites in the region that runs from Maine to Virginia. The Northeast Region also manages programs that help local communities to preserve special places and share their stories through the region’s many national landmarks, wild and scenic rivers, national trails and national heritage areas.

In 2017, the National Park Service celebrated its 101st birthday. We’re one year older than President Kennedy. This year, the Parks 101 campaign helped visitors find new parks and rediscover more familiar places. That’s what you’ll see in our 2017 annual report: new audiences, new places, new experiences, new ways to have fun. You’ll also see the dedication of our region’s 3,000 employees, plus the hard work of partners, volunteers and supporters like you.

National parks belong to us all. So let’s enjoy them, and find your park!

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Images and video clips provided by parks across the Northeast Region. Music for this video was provided by:

How We Measure Up

The Northeast Region is home to many parks, heritage areas, and natural and historic landmarks. These sites bring millions of visitors each year to the 13 states across the region. Have you ever wondered how many parks sites are in the Northeast Region, or how those sites affect the local economies, including the impact on thousands of jobs? Learn more about Regional Statistics during the 2016 fiscal year.

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Parks 101 Photo Gallery

2017 was a great year to enjoy and discover NPS sites around the northeast in favorite and new ways.

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Highlights From 2017

We've selected a handful of articles written by NPS staff that showcase the events and happenings in 2017.

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Northeast By the Numbers

With over 80 parks, trails, landmarks, and waterways to boot, the northeast offers visitors an abundance of experiences.

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Make A Difference!

Contribute your time, talents, and knowledge to the national parks through stewardship, employment, or partnership.

Last updated: January 12, 2018