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Streetscape in Virginia City (MT) showing Overland Mail office.
Virginia City, Montana, a National Historic Landmark District, received a 2001 Save America's Treasures grant for $300,000. This grant supported preservation of the whole district through improvements to buildings' fire suppression systems.


Megan Brown, Chief
State, Tribal, Local, Plans & Grants Division and
Certified Local Government Program National Coordinator

Lyndsey Alston, Grants Management Specialist
James Alvey, Grants Management Specialist
Olivier Brunet, Technical Reviewer
Katherine Carey, Grants Outreach & Education Coordinator
Marla Collum, Grants Management Specialist
Amanda DeCort, Grants Management Specialist
Denise de Joseph, Technical Reviewer
Tamara Francis, Grants Management Specialist
Dara Green, Grants Management Specialist
Arshad Iqbal, Grants Management Specialist
Cory Kegerise, AICP, Supervisory Grants Management Specialist
Madeline Konz, Supervisory Grants Management Specialist
Taylor Pearlstein, Grants Management Specialist
Teresa Prober, Technical Reviewer
John Renaud, Historian
Mary Shell, Grants Management Specialist
Seth Tinkham, Grants Management Specialist
Lydia Woods-Boone, Technical Reviewer

The Tribal Historic Preservation Program has program-specific contacts.

Interns & Fellows

We offer multiple, paid internship or fellowship opportunities throughout the year in a variety of areas related to historic preservation and cultural resource management. Frequent partners for internship or fellowship positions are the American Conservation Experience Emerging Professional Internship Corps (ACE EPIC) and the National Council for Preservation Education.

Grace Robbins, CLG - ACE Fellow
Hailey Doucette, THPO Program – NCPE Intern
Katie Kemp, Law & Policy - ACE Fellow
Katie Morrill, Records Management Assistant - ACE Fellow
Rayle Heinzig, THPO – ACE Fellow
Veronica LaBrie, GIS – ACE Fellow

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State, Tribal, and Local Plans and Grants Division

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