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National Park Service seeks tips from the public after statue in Antietam National Battlefield vandalized

A carved, wooden sign mounted between stone pillars, with the words Antietam National Battlefield, National Park Service, US Department of the Interior. The National Park Service arrowhead plaque is mounted on one stone pillar. Yellow flowers grow below.
US Park Rangers of Antietam National Battlefield are investigating recent vandalism in the park.

NPS photo.

News Release Date: July 18, 2020

Contact: Public Affairs - K Liming, 703-399-4547

US Park Rangers at Antietam National Battlefield are investigating recent graffiti vandalism on the Robert E. Lee statue within the park. Graffiti and other forms of damage to parks are harmful and illegal. Repair of vandalized sites is costly and time consuming, and staff often cannot restore sites and resources to their former condition. 

If you have information that could help identify those responsible, please contact any National Park Service (NPS) employee, or give the Special Agents of the
NPS Investigative Services Branch a call. You don't have to tell us who you are, but please tell us what you know:

CALL or TEXT the ISB Tip Line: 888-653-0009

ONLINE form > "
Submit a Tip"


EMERGENCY dial 9-1-1

Antietam National Battlefield preserves and protects the stories of 23,000 soldiers killed, wounded, or missing after the Battle of Antietam on September 17, 1862. 


ISB: the Investigative Services Branch of the National Park Service


Last updated: July 18, 2020