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New Book Release! Attu: The Forgotten Battle by John Haile Cloe

Historic photo of Massacre Bay at Attu Island, 1944.
Massacre Bay, Attu Island, Alaska in 1944

Walter Anderson

News Release Date: December 15, 2017

Contact: Rachel Mason, 907-644-3472

Attu: The Forgotten Battle tells the compelling story of the grueling battle in a mountainous terrain to reclaim the freezing and fogbound Aleutian Island of Attu from the Japanese in May 1943. Historian John Haile Cloe takes the reader through each day of the battle, followed by telling of the aftermath and lessons learned from the battle and its effect.

For a free copy of Attu: The Forgotten Battle, contact Rachel Mason at or 907-644-3472.

Visit the Aleutian World War II National Historic Area on the web to learn more about the Battle of Attu and Alaska’s role during World War II

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