Battle for the Aleutians

During World War II the remote Aleutian Islands, home to the Unangax̂ (Aleut) people for over 8,000 years, became a fiercely contested battleground in the Pacific. This thousand-mile-long archipelago saw invasion by Japanese forces, the occupation of two islands; a mass relocation of Unangax̂ civilians; a 15-month air war; and one of the deadliest battles in the Pacific Theater. Read More

Color photo of point of land jutting out over ocean, with roads, a small car, and concrete ruins.

NEW! Virtual Tour of Ft. Schwatka

Take a virtual tour of Fort Schwatka and Battery 402. Link goes to YouTube video produced by NPS and Ounalashka Corporation.

Large boat at dock

Aleutian Servicemen

The pilots, sailors, and soldiers of the Aleutian Campaign went out into the treacherous Aleutian waters and skies. Discover their stories.

a town along a beach with a large russian church on the far left

Unangax̂ Interviews

When WWII broke out the Unangax̂ and Aleut people were caught in the crosshairs. Many were relocated. Learn more through these interviews.

Black and white photo of man seated at typewriter, wearing radio headset, in an office.

NEW EDITION: Williwaw Newsletter

The Medical Issue of the Aleutian WWII National Historic Area's quarterly newsletter.

Map of Alaska's Aleutian Islands with colorful arrows on it showing removals.

Maps of Forcible Removal

In the story of the Aleutians theater during World War II, there is a central theme - people being forcibly removed from their homes.

Two silhouettes of uniformed people in front of a 48 star flag

Story of the Month: Charles House

Discover the story of Charles House who survived alone for 50 days in the Alaskan tundra before surrendering and becoming a prisoner-of-war.

handwritten memoir in black script on white stationary

Written Memoirs

Reflecting on their experiences later in life, some of the Aleutian veterans have written about their time in the military and Alaska.

Photo of two B25 airplanes in flight.

Military Forces Photo Albums

Photo albums of Aleutian Islands squadron crews, weapons, and memorabilia.

Black and white map of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska

The Iron Ring

Explore the strategic forts and outposts of the Aleutian Islands during World War II.

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