A Culture Caught in the Crosshairs

The remote Aleutian Islands, home to the Unangax̂ (Aleut) people for over 8,000 years, became a fiercely contested Pacific battleground in World War II. Some Unangax̂ were taken from their homelands as Japanese prisoners of war while the others were evacuated from the islands by the government. Both groups suffered greatly during the war, and some would never return to their villages. Read More

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About the Aleutians

What is Aleutian Islands World War II National Historic Area? Read this article to find out!

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The Aleutian Islands WWII National Historic area is a unique type of NPS unit. Learn more about what makes it special.

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The Lost Villages

Biorka, Kashega, and Makushin, three villages surviving centuries of change only to disappear during World War II.

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Attu, A Lost Village of the Aleutians

The residents of Attu, the most remote Aleutian village, had a different and especially tragic wartime experience.

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Things To Do

There's a lot to do in the Aleutian Islands. Start planning your trip today.

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Visitor Center

Check out the amazing exhibits at the Visitor Center before entering the Historic Area.

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There are many hazards -- historic and modern -- that come with visiting the Aleutians. Be aware and be prepared.

Last updated: June 7, 2024

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