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Intermountain regional staff celebrating NPS Centennial
Intermountain Region employees celebrating the NPS Centennial.

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The regional office supports 85 park units and regional programs under the leadership of the regional director. The regional director manages park superintendents as well as a staff of associate directors. Each directorate supports the region's parks and programs in the fulfillment of the National Park Service Mission.
The Regional Director's Office includes the Regional Director; Deputy Regional Director, Chief of Staff; Deputy Regional Director, Protection, Partnerships & Interpretation; and the Office of Communications, Legislation, and FOIA.

The Regional Director and two deputies oversee all park superintendents as well as a staff of associate directors. Each directorate supports the region's parks in the fullfillment of the National Park Service mission.
The Business and Technology directorate is responsible for planning, directing and coordinating administrative activities in the region, including budget and finance, contracting and property management, concessions and business resources, recreation fee revenue, information technology and telecommunications.
The Facilities and Lands directorate oversees environmental compliance, facility management, land aquisition, and the public health division to help support the design and maintainance of facility assets as well as various land and environmental hazard issues that parks may encounter.
The Protection, Partnerships, and Interpretation directorate provides policy and program guidance, technical assistance for partner ogranizations, and support staff for visitor experience, and safety and health services.
Resource Stewardship and Science directorate provides technical expertise and administrative assistance to parks and IMR programs related to natural, cultural, and geographic resource stewardship, science, and environmental quality.
The Workforce Management directorate provides support, consultation, technical assistance and policy direction in program areas including employee relations, staffing and recruitment, employee and organizational development, backgrounds and security clearances, conflict resolution, equal employment opportunity, workforce enhancement and affirmative action.

Last updated: September 11, 2019