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Moving clockwise, the graph represents the number of problems of each level of difficulty, "V0" being the easiest, and "V7" and greater being the most challenging.

Bouldering is fast becoming one of the most popular activities at Obed Wild and Scenic River. It is a form of climbing that generally involves shorter routes that are closer to the ground.

A short 0.4 mile trail leads from the Lilly Bluff Overlook Parking Lot to the Boulder Field which contains 164 boulder problems scaling 24 boulders ranging in height from 8-20+ feet with names such as “The Muscle Block” and “Tilted World.”

The problems include beginner-friendly V0s, as well as dozens of moderate V1s-V3s. The most difficult problems V7 and greater, will challenge even the most advanced climbers.

No ropes are needed in this endeavor, but all climbers must possess nimbleness, dexterity, and a strong grip.

visitor bouldering
Boulder climbers scaling several boulders at the park's Boulder Field.
The more difficult problems are often overhanging, which can be a true test of a climber’s dexterity and willingness to ascend a rock face that is largely lacking in features. The intense nature of bouldering at Obed WSR is in direct contrast to the calm and peaceful area of the boulderfield, a shady forest of hemlocks and hardwoods. The cool breezes and chirping birds do not adequately prepare a climber for the strains and struggles that the boulderfield presents.

The challenge is in the doing...and in the conquering of a segment of nature. If you plan to do some bouldering at Obed, always climb with a friend who can support you as you climb, and always use a crash pad.

Last updated: June 12, 2016

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