Recycling at Obed

The Example of Nature

Nature has been recycling from the beginning of time -- our natural environment recycles plants, trees, animals, insects, and soils. Obed Wild & Scenic River mimics the example of nature in our recycling efforts -- recognizing that the waste generated by a quarter million annual visitors needs to be dealt with responsibly.

Why Does Obed Recycle?

There a many reasons to recycle, but the short list includes:

  1. It saves money
  2. It improves efficiency
  3. It reduces energy use
  4. It reduces water use
  5. It saves landfill space
  6. It improves air quality
  7. It improves water quality
  8. It reduces the rate of global warming
In 2015, Obed WSR kept 58 percent of its trash out of the landfill, which is well above the goal of 50 percent set by the National Park Service.

Selected Recycling Data for Obed Wild & Scenic River (2015)
  1. Aluminum: 297 lbs
  2. Batteries: 10 lbs
  3. Cardboard: 62.50 lbs
  4. Paper (white & mixed): 809 lbs
  5. Plastic (#1PET & #2HDPE): 328 lbs
Effective management of this waste requires a comprehensive program of awareness, education, action, and commitment to continual improvement. Reducing waste by not generating it in the first place is the primary goal of Obed's waste management program.

Last updated: February 10, 2016

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