Weather and Climate in Our National Parks

Great Smoky Mountains National Park
"Weather and Climate in Our National Parks" helps your students learn about weather patterns at multiple national parks, such as Great Smoky Mountains.

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“Weather and Climate in Our National Parks” is a free indoor-and-outdoor pilot program offered by the NPNH Education Center at Fort Wadsworth. In this two-hour program, correlated with Unit 2 and Unit 4 of New York City’s Science Scope and Sequence, students collect weather data (based on GLOBE protocols) at the Narrows to form hypotheses about air masses and climate. Students will use flow model experiments to learn about the unique climates and habitats at four other National Parks. This pilot program will include live information from other National Park sites. By presenting their findings to their peers, students will gain a solid knowledge of the key concepts of weather (Unit 2) and interdependence (Unit 4) along with a new understanding of their National Parks.

Maximum 32 students. To reserve this pilot program, call 718-354-4530, #223 or email us.

Last updated: February 26, 2015

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