How to Apply

National Park Service job opportunities come in the form of vacancy announcements. Applicants must submit a specific application, within a specific time frame, for every position available.

Vacancy announcements are available at USAJobs.

  • Before you apply, review the entire vacancy announcement carefully. (Some positions require supplemental forms or request specific documentation/proof of information.)
  • Get your application postmarked by the closing date. Sometimes the applications must be received by the closing date--so read the announcement carefully. Generally, extensions will not be given.
  • Your application will not be returned to you (whether or not you are hired). If you want a copy, make it before you send it into the personnel office.

Application tips
Preparing a resume for a National Park Service job is a little different than preparing one for other employers. When applying for federal jobs, it is better to:

  • Include the specific dates you worked. Be sure to list the amount of time you worked - for example, part-time or full-time - and the number of hours.
  • Rather than providing an overview of your work, describe the complexity and details of the jobs you worked. Unlike most resume-writing books, explain in detail your duties.
  • Specify the amount of supervision you received.

Several-page-long resumes are common!

Here are some suggestions to apply for a job with North Cascades National Park Complex and other National Park Service units. Submission requirements may vary depending on the announcement, so be sure to check with the personnel office announcing the position for specific requirements.

Step 1: Obtain a vacancy announcement
National Park Service jobs are publicized through vacancy announcements. These are listed on the web at USAJobs.

Step 2: Carefully read the vacancy announcement
A vacancy announcement includes many pages. Some information relates to a specific job, while some is general information.

Specific job information includes:

  • Position: This is the title of the position being announced, the nature of the position (such as term, permanent), and the pay level of the position.
  • Announcement Number: All announcements are assigned numbers for identification purposes. Be sure to include the announcement number on ALL pages of the application.
  • Salary Range: The annual minimum to maximum range of salary or hourly salary rate for this position.
  • Opening Date: The date the vacancy announcement was released to the public.
  • Closing Date: The date by which the personnel office should receive the application. Some personnel offices accept a postmark by this date, so read carefully.
  • Area of Consideration: Identifies who can apply for the position.
  • Qualification Requirements: Indicates the work experiences or education required to meet the minimum qualifications for the position. It may list a variety of positions through which an applicant may have gained your experience. Read this section carefully.
  • Statement of Duties: Otherwise known as the job description, where the duties of the job are listed.
  • Assessment Questionnaire: Applicants should respond to these questions. Answers to these questions are as important as a resume or application form. Applicants must rate their knowledge, skills, and abilities honestly.

Step 3: Complete Your Application
You must submit an application or resume for the specific announcement. If you use a resume, you must include:

  • Job title and announcement number
  • What grades you are applying for
  • Name, mailing address, phone number, and Social Security number
  • Work experience (include specific dates of month, date and year), salary and hours worked per week, employer's name and phone number
  • Highest level of education completed (list names and addresses of schools attended, major(s), degree, and year received
  • Other job qualifications

Also include:

  • Are you a United States citizen?
  • Do you claim veteran's preference? If so, attach your DD-214 or other proof.
  • Have you every been employed as a federal civilian employee? If so, give highest grade attained.
  • Are you eligible for reinstatement based on previous federal status?
  • Sign and date the application!

If you have any questions regarding the application process, or have questions regarding specific vacancy announcements and their status, feel free to contact us.

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