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siegeworks and star fort
A Bird's eye view of what the siege trenches and star fort may have looked like. Notice the "M" shape and the final approach trenches (closest to the star).

NPS | Steven Patricia

By June 10, the third parallel was completed. It was the longest (280 feet) and most important piece to the success of the siege. It was in the shape of an "M" or "W." This placed Greene's troops just yards away from the enemy inside the Star Fort. Gen. Greene was ready to give up; progress was slow and Greene struggled to get the manpower he needed. Then Greene got some more bad news-- A British relief column of 2,000 fresh troops, under the command of Francis Lord Rawdon, began marching towards Ninety Six. Greene ordered Francis Marion and Thomas Sumter to stall the enemy advance but the same news encouraged the Loyalists. Greene feared getting trapped and either had to end the siege or launch a premature assault. Greene was forced to make a decision.

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