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Sandstone Falls
Sandstone Falls

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There are many special places to visit in New River Gorge National River. The park offers breath-taking views from the rim of the gorge, a wide variety of plants and animals that make the park their home, and many historic sites that help tell the story of people in the area. There are places that offer the excitement of white-water rafting or rock climbing, to places more suited for relaxation and reflection. A good place to begin exploring this unique area is from one of the visitor centers. There you can get maps, information, ask questions, and plan your course through the park. Below is a list of places you may want to consider visiting during your time at New River Gorge National River.

Sandstone Visitor Center
Visitor Centers
Stop by one of the park's four visitor centers to find maps, information, learning opportunities, and help planning your visit. more…
campsite at Army Camp

New River Gorge National River offers many opportunities for primitive camping throughout the park. more…

New River Gorge Bridge

New River Gorge Bridge
The New River Gorge Bridge, the longest steel span in the western hemisphere and the third highest bridge in the United States, spans the New River Gorge, 876 feet over the river. more...

Thurmond Depot

Once among the busiest railroad towns on the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, Thurmond recaptures the days when steel rails, steam, and coal were the major themes in our nation's history. more…

river and gorge

Grandview, perched on the edge of the gorge 1400 feet above the river, provides some of the best views of the gorge as well as hiking trails, picnic shelters, playgrounds, a visitor center, and Theatre West Virginia outdoor dramas. more…

waterfall on the river

Sandstone Falls
The largest waterfall on the New River, the spectacular Sandstone Falls drops the river 15 to 25 feet around a series of islands. more…

coal tipple at Nuttallburg

The remains of a tipple, coal conveyor, coke ovens, railroad tracks, homes, and buildings tell the story of one of the many coal mining towns that once existed nearly every half mile along the New River. more…

road overlooking gorge and river

Fayette Station Road Tour
Exploring Fayette Station Road is to travel back in time before the modern New River Gorge Bridge was built in 1977. This one-hundred year old road of hairpin turns winds down to the bottom of the gorge, across a narrow bridge, and back up the other side. more…

railroad depot

On the river, at the bottom of the gorge, the small town of Prince still has an operating railroad depot and is the jumping off place for the drive to Glade Creek. more...

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