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smart phone with trail map displayed

Trying to find your way around the park? Our new smartphone app can help. This I-Treks app highlights several points of interest throughout the park. Learn about trails, park visitor centers, historic sites, and popular viewing areas of the New River Gorge National River. Each description includes primary features of the site, driving instructions, and detailed information and maps of hiking trails near each point of interest. Download the app at:

Fayette Station Road Audio CD

Fayette Station Audio Tour Download an audio tour for the Fayette Station Road Scenic Drive to listen to as you drive down the one way road to the bottom of the gorge and back up the other side.

Canyon Rim Visitor Center

Canyon Rim Visitor Center Audio Description Tour: Download audio files or a transcript of the audio description tour for Canyon Rim Visitor Center.


Explore The Gorge Video Series
Join a park ranger to explore New River Gorge National River through a series of videos highlighting different locations throughout the park.


Video Clips
Several short video clips featuring some of the unique natural and cultural history of New River Gorge National River.


Wildlife Encounters
Watch the video clips below to get a very quick glimpse of some of the wildlife that you might encounter while exploring New River Gorge National River.


Video Links
For a more in depth view of the park, check out these excellent videos produced by WV Public Broadcasting System.

The New River

Three Rivers: The Bluestone, Gauley, and New

A new 90-minute documentary from West Virginia Public Broadcasting explores the economic, environmental, cultural, historical and geographic impact of the largest federally protected system of rivers east of the Mississippi. Three Rivers: The Bluestone, Gauley and New examines the ongoing relationship between mankind and nature in this region.

Three Rivers: The Bluestone, Gauley, and New (1:26:56)

The New River in autumn

Upheaval: The New River Gorge Story

This two part series was produced by WV PBS and aired on Outlook in 2010.

"Upheaval: The Story of the New River Gorge" explores the history and controversy of a region formed over millions of years as the ancient New River -- now federally protected as a national river -- carved its way through the Appalachian Mountains, following a violent collision of continental plates. West Virginia Public Broadcast produced "Upheaval" in partnership with the National Park Service. The natural resources of the New River Gorge fueled the Industrial Revolution and spawned the legend of steel driver John Henry.

Upheaval: The Story of New River Gorge, Part One (26:47)
Upheaval: The Story of New River Gorge, Part Two (26:47)

Wood Sorrell

Wildflower Weekend 2009

Click here to view a video about Wildflower Weekend 2009, produced by WV Public Broadcasting. This was originally broadcast on WV PBS Outlook in June 2009.


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