Falcon Biography - 9908

March 20, 2008 Update

Last satellite transmission was February 2008. Last location was outside Greensboro, North Carolina.

Falcon #9908 Biography

Falcon #9908 is a male falcon and was removed from the Benjamin Harrison Memorial Bridge in Virginia on May 31st with the assistance of Three Rivers Avian Center Staff. This falcon was uniquely color taped on its right leg band with the resulting band combination of right = orange/blue and left = X/24. Due to the late arrival of this group of falcons, it was determined that the birds would be harbored at the Three Rivers Avian Center. This falcon and others from multiple nest sites in VA and NJ, were kept at Three Rivers Avian Center for less than a week, which allowed the previous group of falcons to be released from the hack box into the gorge. This falcon was held in the gorge hack box until June 16th when it was released. This falcon was observed within the area surrounding the hack site for 44 days. To attach a satellite transmitter, this falcon was recaptured on July 20th, fitted with the transmitter and re-released into the gorge unharmed. Since being fitted with the transmitter, this falcon has spent the majority of its time in southern West Virginia but has spent time in PA, MD, OH, VA and NY.

Transmitter being attached to falcon by three wildlife personnel
Falcon #9908 being fitted with a satellite transmitter. Left to Right; Matt Varner (NPS biologist), Wendy Perrone (Three Rivers Avian Center), Shawn Padgett (College of William and Mary)

Take a look at the archived Tracking Map for Falcon # 9908.

Last updated: November 14, 2017

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